This is a two-day experiential and interactive workshop, where you will learn to:

Improve engagement and collaboration:

  • working with teams and peers
  • growing and developing team member capability
  • motivating & growing others in all areas of your life

Learn the power of questions to:

  • open new possibilities
  • generate tangible solutions
  • create a genuine sense of personal ownership
  • create new ways forward

Listen with depth and clarity in order to:

  • identify and modify barriers to individual/ team progress
  • develop interaction skills that build trust and collaboration
  • enable others to cut to the core of their issues

Target audience

  • Leaders & managers of organisations
  • Entrepreneurs & independents
  • Consultants, project managers
  • All those who are interested in leadership, of themselves and others

Course leaders

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For more information / registration: or call: +41 78 742 97 03

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