Hop Suisse! Nyon railway station after the 2-1 victory over Ecuador


There was lots of celebrating going on around Nyon railway station last night after Switzerland’s 2-1 win over Ecuador in the 2014 World Cup. At big international matches this area of town often becomes a gathering point for those who want to celebrate. It’s noisy and it’s fun!          

Learning the language to help your integration into Switzerland

French C

Bonjour, parlez-vous anglais s’il vous plaît?  - Learning the language to help integration into Switzerland Here is an excellent article written by Melina Hiralal on learning a language to help integration into  Switzerland.  She gives tips, hints and advice and recommends a good language learning website. Read on to find out how a recent trip to […]

Film Review: The Laundry Room – Swiss Rules for Washing and Drying

La chambre a lessive

Our second film review comes from writer Trish Thalman, who says this is a “poignant and sensitive film with moments of humour and candour” A film focusing on residents of an apartment building in Lausanne, people dealing with dirty laundry every day, physically and metaphorically. “The Laundry Room”  -” La Clè de la Chambre à […]

Two more film reviews from Visions du Réel

The table with the dogs

Here are two more film reviews written by Karhy Morf on films that have been shown at Visions du Réel over the festival. If you missed seing any of these films, all is not lost, quite often they are shown again either on Swiss television or at the cinema later on in the year, if this should happen Living […]