Hot, Humid and Wet at Caribana – Day 3


There was a mellow, soulful mood at Caribana at the start of day three with the early performance of Ben Oncle Soul on the main stage. There was also a very hot, humid atmosphere and it was only matter of time before dark clouds began to appear and the heavens opened.  Many festival goers scrambled under cover wherever they could or went looking […]

Paléo Friday night – Hot stuff from Puerto Rico and discovering new bands

Creole choir of Cuba

Friday night’s Paléo is reviewed by Jérémy Binz who went to see bands performing on the smaller stages at the festival.  Check out out his review of Wednesday night at Paléo here. The weather brightened up a lot more on Friday afternoon that it soon became actually quite sunny at Paléo and even wearing jeans seemed a little too much.  The sun helped […]