Getting to Paléo and Food in the Village du Monde area

Photo above – C. Nelson-Pollard.  “Warpaint” from Los Angeles, playing in the Chapiteau tent last night

There are many ways you can get to Paléo, whether it is by unicycle, or in a supermarket trolley – see pictures below! For those who want to go by more traditional methods, the Paléo website lists all of these in English and reminds music lovers that if you want to use public transport, most regions in western Switzerland operate a rail or coach service, at a special Paléo fare and Nyon’s district buses even offer free of charge service!  TL and TPG buses cover the cities of Lausanne and Geneva on arrival of the special night trains. See link here 

If you really want to take your own car there is a good explanation about the  car parking facilities on this link here. 


Food, Glorious, Food

Living in Nyon writer Jonas has already mentioned in a previous post about all the fabulous food on offer at the festival and this year there is an amazing range,  particularly in the Village du Monde area. The queues in this area are not always as long as in the main food area nearer the entrance, so it’s worth walking that little bit further to discover other culinary delights, which this year from the Middle East. The editor can definitely recommend the vegetable samosas from the Pakistan stall (apparently the spinach  delicacies from the “Istanbul” stall are very tasty too!)

Photo above – Delicious vegetable samosas

Photo above and below – relax with food under the exotic tents in the Village du Monde or eat at a table next to the hundred old olive trees, specially brought in for the festival!

Photo above – Paléo baby. You are never too young (or old) to rock and roll and enjoy the music!