FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Employers in the area, Accommodation, Where shall I live? To rent or to buy? Health questions, Education, Shopping, Public transport, Child care, Renting a Car, Retail Stuff, TV/Radio, Sports, Culture, Leisure.

Employment and Employers 

Nyon is home to many companies and organisations that employ expatriate staff who live in the area. UEFA the European football governing body, has their head office along the lakeside. There are pharmaceutical and healthcare companies here too such as Novartis and Beckman Coulter and many other international companies based in the region.  There are two main business parks, firstly, the Terre Bonne Business Park  in Eysins (just outside Nyon). See Living in Nyon interview here with the commercial director of this park. Since these photos were taken, some businesses are due to  move out of  the Terre Bonne Business Park: Shire, Kraft  Foods and Lloyds TSB private banking, however they will probably be replaced by other companies.  The second business park is the A1 Business Centre in Rolle. See photos and short article here  Photos taken in 2010. There have also been some changes to the line up of companies that are situated here.

In Nyon itself there are a surprising amount of small companies either trading in pulp or trading in money and WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) and IUCN the (The International Union for the Conservation of Nature) have their International Headquarters in the nearby town of Gland. There are a considerable number of people who live in Nyon and commute to one of the many acronymed organisations such as WHO, WIPO, the UN, and UNICEF in Geneva.


If you want to rent a place close to the town, it’s perfectly possible to live near the centre, walk everywhere and get by without a car as the train station is close by. Most people live in apartments near the centre (you have to be on a big budget to live centrally in a house). But if it’s a house with a garden that you want, then you will probably need to move to any of the outlying villages such as Prangins, Crans, Duillier or the nearby towns of Gland or Rolle (both of these towns are on the main train line).

There are many apartment blocks in Nyon, some brand new with fabulous views across the lake, some are in large complexes, others in older traditional Swiss buildings, it just depends on your taste and budget. There is a high demand though for good accommodation so my advice would be if you are offered an apartment or house that more or less suits your needs, then take it! If not, there will be a queue of people behind you willing to take it from you.


If you have a medical emergency the number for an ambulance is 144. The doctors on call are (called Médécine de service/ Médecine de Garde) and pharmacies (chemists) take it in turn to be on call too. They are listed in the local Paper “La Cote” or you can call the local police who will give you the information.


There used to be certain rules about having to live in Switzerland for a certain amount of time before you could buy, but as I understand it, things have changed. There are estate agents (realtors) who speak English and will take you through the buying process. Do bear in mind though, that you have to put down a 20 % deposit on the property and property is not cheap here. This of course, is relative, if you are moving from the centre of New York or London, the prices may not surprise you, but if you are coming from other parts of the U.S.A. Canada or the UK, then you may be taken aback by the cost of getting a roof over your head.

Health Questions

Are there any English speaking doctors, dentists etc? What do I do in a medical emergency?

There are English speaking doctors here and the standard of English is usually high. To name them all would take forever but rest assured, until you learn French you won’t have to struggle if you are ill. There are medical specialists in the town too, and a good hospital. There are also private hospitals in the area, in Geneva and Lausanne. Health insurance is compulsory, but average insurance cover lets you go to some private hospitals for treatment, depending on the kind of policy you have. It does pay to shop around.

What about schools? Education?

This is always a tricky one, whether to put your children in the local school system or to send them to the private international schools in the area. Every child has different requirements, and obviously it depends on their needs and for how long you are going to be here.

I can personally vouch for the Swiss secondary school system and although it is undoubtedly different to the British one with which I am familiar, I feel it works well and there is a real argument for a child having local friends and being in a school that is part of the community. The Canton of Vaud is very supportive of non-francophone pupils and it works with them (they do not throw the children at the “deep end” and expect them to get on with it, they work with them).

However, please note I can only speak from our experience in Nyon. It might not be the same in other towns. The fee paying International schools have the advantage of a more recognised and easily transferable exam system and they may be able to cope with special needs more easily. Since they provide completely bilingual lessons this could ease your child’s transition to a new country.

Recommended Books

There is an excellent book called Education Guide Switzerland which lists all educational institutions, schools, international schools, universities that offer academic programmes in English in Switzerland.

If you are thinking of putting your child in a local school then “Going Local” by Margaret Oertig is an authoritative guide for parents who wish to gain a better understanding of the Swiss school system. It maps out all the stages of schooling from kindergarten to university in all 26 cantons, providing key facts and useful terminology in German, French, and Italian.

Also see this Living in Nyon article giving some practical advice about the first day of term for children going to a Swiss primary school.

Shopping/ Retail

Since we first wrote this section on shopping in the area, a few things have changed, shop opening hours are longer, there is a brand new shopping centre at the entrance to Nyon called Portes de Nyon which houses a Migros supermarket and a garden centre.   However what still remains the same is that most shops and department stores are not open for business on a Sunday and most of them close at 18:00 -18:30 on a Saturday (although there are few exceptions to the rule). On the one hand this makes the town and roads peaceful and forces you to do other non retail activities on a Sunday, which is a good thing, but it does mean you have a bit more organised!

 Late night shopping is on a Friday which helps a little. Alternatively, the two main Migros and Coop supermarkets offer an online ordering and delivery service. If you do run out of basic foodstuffs on a Sunday, all is not lost, the bakeries are open and the law does let petrol (gas) garages and a few shops in tourist areas open for business. There are a couple of shops down by the lake where you can get some fresh produce. The Migros supermarket at Geneva airport is also open on a Sunday and there is a small shop at Nyon railway station which sells the “basics.”

Nyon has its own market on a Saturday ( Wednesday too but smaller) selling fresh fruit and veg and other goods. Stands are set up in the old town selling all manner of produce: cheeses, roasted chicken, meat etc. It seems to be a meeting place for folk to chat and pass the time of day. There is a also a very good food market over in Divonne, France which is open on a Sunday where many people go to shop and to take visitors.

Being a small town Nyon doesn’t have a large retail diversity, but it’s suprising how many small, individual shops there are snuck away down side streets. You can get basic stuff in Manor in Nyon, and there is also H+M, Esprit, Colour me Beautiful, in the centre of town. Promod and other shops can be found in La Combe shopping Centre. There are two Shopping Centres outside the town called Chavannes Centre and Signy Centre which have more choice. There is one shop in Nyon that stocks designer names, but for a bigger choice of “labels”, you will have to go to Geneva.

If you can’t do without your specialised products, there is an American market in Nyon and Jim’s market in Gland sells British tea, HP sauce, sausages and bacon (some of these products are available in the supermarket Champion in Divonne in France). Manor in Nyon and the Co-op do stock some items such as McVities Digestive biscuits.

Electrical Goods 

Manor, InterDiscount, Fust are the main branches near Nyon for electrical goods. If you bring your own electrical equipment over from a different country  remember the plugs are different to UK/ U.S so be prepared to either change all of your existing plugs over or don’t bring too much stuff!


Update July 5th 2015 – Nyon’s very own TV station has recently closed down.  coverage of local news and events. It’s in French of course but will give you a good idea of what’s happening in the area. If you can’t do without your English speaking programmes Telereseau is available for those who have cable in their home. This enables you to watch BBC1, BBC 2, ITV, CNN and Sky News and many programmes from other countries. If you don’t have cable then a satellite dish is an alternative but it can be expensive.
Swiss channels often show films which are “bi-langue”, all you have to do is press a button on the remote control to switch it into English (if the film is English in origin)

English Books/ Newspapers

Payot in Nyon  in La Combe Shopping Centre has a section of English books and it also stocks the Living in Nyon book called Living along Lac Léman. More details here 

There is children’s book shop in the old town of Nyon called “The Reading Duck”. Nyon Library has a small English section too.   The Library in English in Geneva has a comprehensive and large lending reference section. Membership alone will cover the cost of buying a few books a year from a shop. The library runs a children’s story hour every Wednesday afternoon, they also have a massive second hand book sale twice a year. To treat yourself or to buy books for presents then I can recommend Off the Shelf Bookshop in Geneva, they will order books for you.


You don’t have to miss out on your favourite newspapers here. At least four newsagents in Nyon stock The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Express, The Economist and more for the British market. U.S.A Today, Time, Newsweek, The International Herald Tribune are also available. The UK Sunday papers make it over here (although sometimes they come without the colour supplements)! You might want to make a start on your French though and find out about local issues and events by buying a copy of La Côte which is the local paper covering the news of the area.   Living in Nyon has a weekly Friday column in this newspaper (in English!)  Check it out!

Public Transport/Commuting to work: by train or boat

If you are contemplating partaking in train travel then do think about buying a “Demi Tariff” pass. This means “half price” and entitles you to half price on trains, buses and the boats. I once kept all my train tickets for a year once to see how much I had saved and wrote about it on GenevaLunch. Here’s the link to read it.

Train travel is very good here and lives up to its well- deserved reputation of being efficent, punctual and clean. It can get busy at rush hour, but one of the great advantages of living in Nyon is that you can travel to the airport on the train in only 23 minutes. There is absolutely no need to take the car. The Swiss Train Website has an English section and good explanations of the train passes that are available.

For long journeys the trains have special compartments for families with play areas for children. There is also a pass you can purchase for 20 chf which entitles children to free train travel for a year (if they are accompanied by parents).

There is a superb system In Switzerland whereby you can rent cars on an hourly basis from Swiss Mobility (after paying a membership charge) to take you to remoter places where the train doesn’t go. If you have teenage children you might want to think about getting them a special pass called the Vois Sept which entitles them to free train travel after 19:00 at night and before 05:00 in the morning.

Child Care/ Maman du Jours/ Au Pairs

If you decide to send your child to a Swiss school be prepared for them to come home for lunch and not go to school on a Wednesday afternoon. There are some villages and communes which make alternative arrangements and lunches are provided, but not all of them. Alternatively you might want to look at the private after school care at La Balle Au Bond and there is a creche called Croqueline for younger children. There are also “Mamans de Jours”. These are registered childminders and they look after children in their own home during the day. There is also an Au Pair Club organised by Westlake Church that gives support to the many au pairs in the area.

Beauty Stuff/ Hairdressers/ Alternative Health

I often get asked for recommendations for hairdressers/salons etc here in Nyon, I of course have my favourites (see section -my personal favourites) but it’s all a matter of personal taste. There are many salons in the town, some of their staff speak English very well, some just a little, so try a few out until you feel comfortable with your choice. Be prepared for high costs, they may be much more than you are used to. There is an excellent publication called Know it all Passport which contains a comprehensive section of consumer advice and listings of addresses and shops. There are beauty therapists, nail salons, homeopaths, reflexologists, galore so you won’t have to miss out an any pampering.

Music/ Classical/Rock/ Jazz/Film

In addition to the two big fabulous summer music festivals here, Paleo and Caribana (see under introduction, “why I like it here”) there is always a wealth of other music events throughout the year and all tastes are covered from Brass Bands to Reggae to Rock, Rap and Heavy Metal.

There are classical music concerts performed in the area and in Nyon itself there is a prestigious Conservatoire of Music on the lakeside (building in photo below). If you or your child are learning to play a musical instrument then you can find private music teachers in the area who speak English.


There are two English speaking churches, one in Nyon, Westlake 

(Evangelical) and La Cote (Anglican ) in the pretty village of Gingins just a few miles from Nyon. They both have weekly services. There is also the Scotskirk in Lausanne and the Church of Scotland in Geneva.

Film/ Documentaries

Every spring there is a week long documentary film festival here in Nyon called Visions du Reel . In my opinion this festival gets bigger and better each year. It is now one of the major film documentary festivals in Europe. Living in Nyon covers and reviews many of the films at this festival. The festival is open to the public.

Theatre Groups

If you fancy treading the boards or if you like to go to the theatre, there is plenty here. The Geneva English Drama Society and Geneva Amateur Operatic Society both put on productions thoughout the year for adults and also produce youth shows and plays.

he Village Players (near Lausanne) perform in English with regular productions. Then of course there are lots of theatre productions in French in the area.


Lots here, so for a full listing look under the Nyon tourist site under “Sociétés Sportives”.
The one club it doesn’t mention, is the cricket club, and yes there is one, it’s a bit further away (nearer Lausanne) but Cossonay Cricket Club has its own pitch and club members wear “whites”!


You have a choice of three indoor pools in the winter, Nyon, Bassins and Cheserex, ( the latter are two villages a little bit higher up in the Jura

hills.) Come the summer months (usually around May to September) the outdoor pool opens down at Colovray. This public pool (entrance fee) is in a spectacular setting overlooking the lake and onto Mont Blanc. It’s a perfect place for a swim. There are children’s pools, a café /restaurant and it is all kept very clean. It can get very, very busy at the weekend, especially if it is a hot day as the whole world spends the day down there and take picnics with them, but it is a lovely spot.
There is the lake to swim in too, which is free in most areas, provided you don’t mind sharing it with the ducks and swans.

Cinema/ DVD rental

There is a small two screen cinema in Nyon in the centre of town. On a Monday evening they have films in English. Look either in Thursday’s “La Cote” for cinema listings or at the cinema itself. If you see the letters V.O by a film it means “shown in its original language” which is often English, but check as this could also mean another language such as German or Italian etc. If a film is in English and is a new release then don’t leave it till the last minute to get tickets since this is a popular evening out for expats in the area.   In the summer there is an outdoor cinema in Nyon.


  1. says

    We are planning to move to Nyon in summer 2009 and will be looking, ideally, for a villa to rent in or near the centre of Nyon. Do you have any information and/or tips on renting? (We are 2 adults + 3 young children currently based in London)

  2. catherine says

    Hi Richard, nice to hear from you.
    There are two ways of approaching this, you can either do it yourself by contacting the estate agents, look in the newspapers, websites etc or you can use a relocation agent.
    If you send me an email at the address under contact I can ask you a few more questions and reply to you in more depth according to your situation.

    Regards Catherine

  3. Anonymous says

    Hello Catherine, please note that the schedule of the Navibus has changed,it departs from Nyon at 07.30am daily – return from Geneva remains unchanged. It will operate until 16th December only, apparently not being profitable enough. Kind regards. Isabelle

  4. catherine says

    Thankyou Isabelle for this. What a shame the service is not continuing after December. Anyway I will update the info, thanks very much Catherine

  5. says

    Hi Catherine,

    Your site looks fantastic first of all.

    We live in Zurich and would ideally like to be in Nyon (or closely around) for October 1st. The problem is that it’s hard looking at properties in Nyon on a regular basis when you live in Zurich! When we see an interesting offer on homegate or anibis, the object is gone by the time we can make it to the visit!

    Any help you can suggest?

    Thanks a lot,

  6. catherine says

    Hi Nadia,
    Thanks for contacting me. Yes this is indeed a tricky one. If you send me an email at the address under “contact” I can reply to you in more depth.

  7. Flynn says

    Hi Catherine, would you know good websites(english) for searching for houses to rent. Looking for a family home in Nyon.
    many thanks

  8. catherine says

    Hi Flynn,
    Nice to hear from you. There are quite a lot but I’ll check the ones that are in English and let you know asap. Quite a few of the agencies tend to slow down in the summer as the owners of the property are on holiday but people are starting to drift back now.

  9. Vanessa says

    Hi Catherine,
    can you recommend any ballet schools in Nyon for my daughter who is 4yold? Seems most of them only start from 6yold?
    PS- love the site- I have been here 5 years and your info is all spot on.
    thanks Vanessa

  10. says

    Hi Catherine
    Well done on a great site. We are probably moving over to Nyon in January. To get the kids settled in it’d be great to continue their activities. I need a number of teachers:
    ballet, piano, violin, guitar, horse riding [four kids=lots of interests! ;-)]
    Could you help out with links to lists of qualified ones? If you could that’d be great.

    Also, this may seem like a silly questions, but you can never assume that things run the same way in another country! Normally do the primary school aged children have after school activities or do they have too much homework? Are activities condensed into Wednesdays?

    Also for Wednesdays is there skiing organised for the Winter season on Wednesdays or weekends or for the feb half term? How do I get their names down if it is? is it through the school?
    Sorry for the plague of questions!

  11. Anonymous says

    Hello Catherine, would you know any English libraries (for children) in Nyon? or any activities for children? We’ve just moved from Autralia!
    Many thanks,

  12. catherine says

    Hi Vanessa and Annah,
    Apologies for this tardy reply to your questions.

    First of all Ballet schools. I see that at the Martinelli school they have dance from 3 years old.Tel 022 990 01 65 (near the cinema) I can also recommend The Mondino school in Place du Marché but I am not sure what age they take children from. Monsieur Mondino is very helpful and speaks English. Tel 022 362 1313

    Annah. There are some English books in the local library but the most comprehensive selection is in Geneva. They also have a story hour there in English for young children every Weds afternoon from 15:00 -16:00. There is a shop in Nyon in Grand Rue called the Reading Duck which has a small selection of English books. I really recommend you buy the book Know it All http://www.knowitall.ch which has a very good listing of children ‘s activities in the area.

  13. catherine says


    Did you get sorted with English speaking agents? I have started to check out a few but it’s a real mixed story, some members of staff speak English, some don’t. I thnk its a question of trial and error! Have you tried Immostreet.ch?

  14. catherine says

    Hello Elaine,

    There are quite a few questions here but I’ll try my best!
    First of all ballet, see my reply below to Vanessa and Annah.
    Piano and Violin, well there is a very good conservatoire of music here by the lake. Conservatoire de Musique, Nyon Telephone (0)22 994 23 60.

    Alternatively there are lots of private teachers too. I too would recommend you get hold of the book Know it All (url also in comments below) which has a very good listing of activities teachers. I personally can recommend an English speaking piano teacher if you want to send me an email at cnp@bluewin.ch I can let you know her name. Primary school children in the public sector do have homework but it doesn’t stop them doing activities after school and they are not all condensed into a Weds afternoon. Ski trips are not generally organised on a Weds afternoon or weekends. There are either ski days or ski weeks in term time depending on the year of the child. I would suggest if you know which school your children will be going to, you write to them and check their name is included on any list, but I can’t see it being a problem. I have never heard of school ski trips in the Feb half term at least not in Nyon, that week is for families to take their children. Horse riding I am clueless about to recommend, but I can investigate. There are two schools near here, one near Chavannes and one near Crissier.

    Hope this helps! Hope your move goes well. I will probaly organise a newcomers evening in January so it will be nice to meet you. Catherine

  15. catherine says

    Hi Marie,

    Thanks for kind comments.

    What ages are your children? I have a couple of ideas but it depends how old they are. Email me at cnp@bluewin.ch and I will be able to answer in more depth.
    Cheers Catherine

  16. says

    Dear Catherine

    We are moving to Nyon with my husbands work. I wonder if you could help with advice/ contacts for renting a villa in and around Nyon. We are a British family of x4 ( 2 young children) and moving over from Dubai ( buying some jumpers!)
    Many thanks Jo

  17. catherine says

    Hi Jo,
    See my latest post of the 2nd February 2009 on renting property Hope this helps.
    You will need those jumpers, there is snow in Nyon right now!

  18. Kate says

    Dear Catherine,

    First of all, what a helpful website! Thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge.

    I have a query for you regarding playgroups and nurseries in the La Cote region. I spent the summer of 2008 providing chilcare and tutoring to local families, mainly based in and around Coppet. This summer I am seeking similar work but within a playgroup or nursery environment. Do you know of any English speaking nurseries in the area? (Nyon/Coppet) And most importantly do local nurseries stay open during the summer or do they follow the school calendar? I will be living in Crassier and am happy to travel up to an hour. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

    Many thanks,

  19. catherine says

    Hi Kate,
    I’m not sure how many of the local nurseries are open over the summer, I think the best thing would be to contact each one. The best source of info on all nurseries is probably Know it All Passport which has a comprehensive listing of nurseries and palygroups under Parent and Baby and the adverts within the book’s places. Best of luck!

  20. Anonymous says

    Hi Catherine
    My husband is working in Geneva and we are going to be renting an apartment in Nyon. I will not be living there all the time but will be staying for long periods. My spoken French is quite limited as it is a long time since I used French and I wondered if you knew of any French courses available in Nyon.
    By the way I love the website. It’s given me a lot of useful information.Thanks a lot

  21. catherine says

    Hello “Anonymous”,

    Sorry I don’t have your full name, but glad to know you will be living in Nyon. As to French courses it depends what you are after, whether you want to be in a group, or have an individual course etc. The main place for French courses in the centre of Nyon is “Migros Ecole”. Migros is the big supermarket chain here and they run many language classes as part of their further education courses. There are other language schools too in Nyon or I can pass on the name of a private teacher. The best thing would be for you contact me on cnp@bluewin.ch for this. Kind regards Catherine

  22. says

    I find the valuable information is provided by you.These kind of blog are really helped to the peoples and especially to new students.Because you express every thing in detail about to the study in Nyon.Keep up it.I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  23. catherine says

    Thankyou Anwalt, that’s kind of you. It would be good to write a post specifically for students, if you have a minute where I could ask you a few questions, that would be great. If you could email me cnp at bluewin.ch when you have some time, it would be much appreciated.

  24. Jarek says

    How much tax is charged when you buy electronics in internet store located in USA?

    I know that for goods bought from EU authorities charge local VAT. Is it the same for USA goods?

  25. catherine says

    Hello Jarek,
    To be honest I don’t really know the exact answer to this as I’ve never purchased anything from the U:S online. I will make enquiries and revert back.

    Kind regards


  26. Anonymous says

    Hi Everyone,

    My parents are going to reside in Switzerland in the next couple of months. They have asked me to find out where they can purchase white goods (such as a cooker, a fridge, etc) in and around the Nyon area. Also could anyone recommend shops that sell kitchen units, tops etc. Any names or website links would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks.


  27. catherine says

    Hello George,
    Just on the outskirts of Nyon there is a biggish store called Migros Home store which sells some white goods (but not all) Also in Nyon itself there is a shop oposite La Combe shopping centre that sells white goods too. Over in Allaman there is a big Ikea store which sells kitchenware tops etc. Also, I do recommend that your parents buy the book Know it all Passport to this area which has a list of alterative stores too (see under useful publication publications on my site) This is full of valuable information to living here. Hope this helps.

  28. Anonymous says

    Hi Catherine, Great site. We were in Nyon in June 2009 and visited a wonderful shop in the old section which sells allsorts of things preserved in liqueurs and spirits. Would you know the name of the shop as I would love to contact them about some lg bottles with brioches preserved in alcohol…they were wonderful!
    Thanks, Rae

  29. catherine says

    Hi Rae, thanks for kind comments.
    I wonder if it was the Italian shop as she has lots of goodies on sale.
    If it wasn’t, can you give me kind of direction of where you walked and I should be able to help!

  30. Anonymous says

    We walked into the square from the carpark and up the first street where the markets started. I think there was big carts of cherrys and fruit and vegies on the corner of the street and an eatery? or maybe boulangerie on the other. The shop was on the left as you walk up the hill before you reach the square in the middle…hope that helps. Rae

  31. Anonymous says

    hello Catherine,

    My family and I are moving from the UK to Nyon next month. My son Rory flies model aircraft, do you know if there are any clubs in the Nyon area he could join?


    • Diana says

      Hi Steven,
      I was just in Lausanne this weekend and there was a fabulous hobby shop up the street from the GLOBUS that had a very good selection of model aircrafts in various sizes. Some were as big as my six year old son! Unfortunately, I do not recall the name but the men working there were very knowledgeable and I am certain they would be happy to help you find a club. You might search under “Hobby” and find it.
      Best regards,

  32. catherine says

    Hello Steven,
    This is a a completely new one on me! leave it with me and Ill revert back
    Kind regards

  33. says

    Dear Catherine,

    thank you for your interesting website! I really love Nyon and planing to move there.(from Geneve)
    You mentioned about homeopaths, is there good homeopath you know?
    I have a 3-year-old son, and I love homoeopathy for natural healing…please give me the information.

    thank you…


  34. Dave says


    Very informative, especially for the information about the school.

    We are moving to Nyon from New York and I am trying to put two kids into the public school in Nyon. The boys are 8 and 7 year old. Where do I go to register the school? English or French? What documents are needed for the school registration? How many primary schools in Nyon?


  35. catherine says

    Hi Dave, thanks for your kind commetnts. The school depends on the area you live in Nyon. I am not sure how many primary schools there are in total. If it is a state school then the documents will be in French unless I’m mistaken and things have changed.
    Check out the booklet Welcome to the Canton of Vaud which is mentioned on my site. You can download it as a pdf file. On page 44 there is section on Education with a link to an appropriate site.
    Hope this helps Regards Catherine Nelson-Pollard

  36. catherine says

    Dave, I forgot. If you send me your email to me cnp at bluewin.ch I will put you on my newletter list to keep you updated on events in the area.

  37. Tina says

    We just moved to Nyon and your site is a life saver to get the basics down quickly. I’d be interested in French teacher recommendations….

    • Catherine Nelson-Pollard says

      Hello Tina,

      There are various French teachers in th area. It’s probably best if you email me cnp at bluewin.ch and I’ll suggest a few.

      Kind regards


  38. tommy says

    hello i am moving from australia to close by to nyon in 2 weeks and i am looking for group french lessons in nyon seeing as i know very little french, but i’m trying to look elsewhere of the migros store. can u please help me out i can’t seem to find anything through google, thank you.

    • Catherine Nelson-Pollard says

      Hello Tommy, sorry this is a late reply, have you found any thing by now? If not, send me an email cnp at bluewin.ch and I will see if I can help.


    • Lina says

      Hi Catherine

      Wounderful e-page, full of useful information!

      I just moved to Switzerland due to my boyfriend’s job in Nyon. As I do not spek French, I’m also interested in French language group courses, preferably in Nyon or nearby (do not speak french at all). I am also strugling finding any info re this through google. Do you have information or recommendaton or a piece of advice?

      Tommy, have you found anything attractive and maybe started attending the courses? Would be interesting to hear you opinion or maybe recommendation.

      Thank you both in advance!



  39. Srinivas Iyer says


    I am living in superb 3 piece apartment( 1 living room, 2 bed rooms) with fully furnished Kitchen, Terrace, with a superb view of Mont Blanc and an open field, walk in wardrobes, washing machine, 2 parking places and a cave. I would like to find a tenant. I live in Cite-Ouest 32, 1196, Gland.
    Any takers or would you assist me.

    Srinivas Iyer

  40. Srinivas Iyer says


    I am living in superb 3 piece apartment( 1 living room, 2 bed rooms) with fully furnished Kitchen, Terrace, with a superb view of Mont Blanc and an open field, walk in wardrobes, washing machine, 2 parking places and a cave. I would like to find a tenant. I live in Cite-Ouest 32, 1196, Gland.
    Any takers or would you assist me. You can reach me on 0041-786 37 9013

  41. Bernadette Smith says

    Urgent I have a young proffesional mid 20’s just arrived to start work in Gland this week.
    She is looking for accommodation for 1 year, flat / house share prefered can you help???

    • Catherine Nelson-Pollard says

      Hello Bernadette, have you tried posting your request on the following places? Anglo Info, Glocals, World Radio Switzerland Classifieds etc and expatmarketplace.com? The local paper La Côte, and the free paper GHI often have “to rent” ads. The other method of course is to register with every single rental agent in the area and ask around at work. I hope this helps.

      Good luck! Living in Nyon.

  42. Bernard Martin says

    Hello.My son and his wife (English) have recently arrived in Nyon to live. They are keen to join a ‘gym’ or health club in or very near to Nyon. They both enjoy exercise and would like to make new friends too. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Catherine Nelson-Pollard says

      Hello Bernard, I think there are are two replies here. For a gym there are three options, there is the Silhouette Gym in the centre of Nyon near La Combe shopping centre, or there is the Harmony Gym in Signy shopping centre, which is a 5 minute drive away and finally Clinique Ligniere, this place has a swimming pool and is a 10 minute drive away (just past Gland). As to making friends, it depends whether your son and wife want to go local and join a local sports club (of which there are many) and speak French -full list of these in the tourist office or whether they want to join somewhere like the tennis club or Rugby club in Nyon. I know there are many expatriates that go to both of these clubs.
      Welcome to Nyon to both of them!

  43. Stephen Jones says

    Hello, I may be moving to Switzerland from the UK to work in Nyon in the next few months. I will be moving from a salary of around £40k in the UK to £70k over there. Would this constitute a reasonable improvement in the standard of living in Nyon? I know living costs are higher but it would be helpful to have some guidance on what that sort of money could buy me in terms of accommodation etc. Thanks

    • Catherine Nelson-Pollard says

      Hello Stephen,

      This is a tricky one with out knowing all the facts, ie: do you have a family, will your company be paying for your health insurance, will they help with rent etc and what kind off accommodation do you want to live in? There is a good book called “Living and Working in Switzerland” which used to have a good price comparison in for this kind of question which may help you. I would ask around on other sites too such as Glocals or Anglo Info and try to chat to any future colleagues about this. Cheers Living in Nyon

    • Stephen Jones says

      Thank you. I have purchased that book off Amazon and it will arrive soon hopefully. It will be just myself and a girlfriend. We would be in rented accommodation – ideally a house but probably an apartment. Thanks for the help and the questions to ask the company.

  44. Andrea says

    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for this fantastic website!

    Do you have any experience with public primary schools in Gland, Catherine? Or do you know something about them via friends?

    We are looking at renting in Gland and are interested in enrolling our kids in public primary. Are they welcoming children from abroad who do not speak the language (yet)? Are they of good quality?

    Thanks for any insights,


    • Catherine Nelson-Pollard says

      Hello Andrea, I have replied to your personal email and also passed on your details to a writer who has written a book on Education in Switzerland.

  45. Sophie says

    I am an Australian who has recently moved to the Nyon area. I have some basic French but am looking for a teacher to help me gain fluency and conversational French. Do you know of anyone in the area?

    • Catherine says

      Hello Sophie, Firstly, welcome to Nyon! I used to recommend my own French teacher but as I understand it she has retired now, however I think her daughter gives classes so if you haven’t found anyone yet, email me again on cnp@bluewin.ch and I will enquire for you. I receive many adverts from people advertising their services and language companies but as I do not know them personally, I am reluctant to recommend them. Kind regards Catherine

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