Hello, here’s the form to complete if you want to ask me a question about living in Nyon.

Before you fire way with your questions, have you taken a look at the “Know it all Passport” book? There are lots of answers in the book and on the site, particularly recommendations of doctors, dentists, playgroups, nurseries, language schools etc.
Also, don’t forget to use the search facility on this site and take a look at the frequently asked questions section as your question may be answered there too. If  you can’t find the answer at all then go ahead and ask away!

If you have an event to promote in the Nyon and Vaud area, please can you ensure that you mention the date, time (24 hour clock please)and place of the event in the first few sentences of your communication, this way I can see at a glance if the event is coming up soon or in the distant future.