Winter Fair in Nyon Friday 7th and Sat 8th Nov

There will be a Winter Fair on Friday 7th November and Saturday 8th November at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Nyon from 10:00-17:00

Free entry  – Winter gifts galore, tombola, homemade gifts, food and more.

Winter fiar in nyon

“Et maintenant?” Big debate tomorrow in Nyon, Autumn Fair in Founex

Vision Nyon 2030
What will Nyon look like in 2030, when it comes to housing, living together and work opportunities? If these questions interest you, the City council in partnership with the economic magasine Bilan and Uni Global Union are hosting a big debate tomorrow morning Friday 19th of September, from 8:30 to  12:15 at UNI Global Union headquarters. Bringing together the major players in the area, from politicians to demographics specialists, this morning of debate will tackle issues such as the aging of the population, work opportunities, what it means to live in Nyon and more. Among the people taing part in the debate will be president of the Grand-Conseil Pierre-Yves Maillard and Tibère Adler, head of Avenir Suisse for Romandie.


Autumn fair 2014-4

La Côte Church Autumn Fair in Founex

La Côte Church will be hosting its Autumn fair on Saturday the 27th of September. There will be a number of stalls including a book stall, a chutney and pickle stall and more. Live music, dancing and food for the adults, while the kids can have fun in the children’s corner. The fair is on from 10:00 to 17:00 in Founex

Swiss National Day in Nyon – Castle will be turned red!

August 1st in Nyon

If you want to take part in the 1st August (Swiss National Day) festivities in Nyon, the celebrations start at 19:45 with an apéro offered by  the town council at the ’Esplanade des Marronniers” (by the Roman Columns) This will be followed by an official ceremony at 20:30 followed by a parade at 21:15  which will wind its way through the old town (this is where the children carry lit paper lanterns in the parade as in the photo). At 22:15 there will be a firework display by the lake. This year the château of Nyon will be lit up red to celebrate the national day! For full details see link here

August 1st 2011 B


Despite the weather – another successful Paléo for the organisers

Another successful Paléo for the organisers – promise of a party next year to celebrate 40 years of the festival. IMG_4103 Photos above and below from Sunday’s  Youssou N’Dour concert. At Sunday’s final press conference of Paléo 2014, Daniel Rossellat, president of Paléo and Jacques Monnier, programming coordinator, summed up the previous five days of the festival and concluded that despite the weather, it had been a very successful event. Rossellat explained that there actually hadn’t been that much rain at the festival itself, the problem lay with the volume of rain that had fallen in the preceding weeks which had made the ground wet to begin with. 350 tonnes of straw and 100 m3 of wood shavings were used at the festival this year to cover up the mud! IMG_4085 Cars parked across and around Nyon Rossellatpraised those in charge of transport who had to deal with all the parking issues (festival car parks were closed for the final two days), but then went on to say that he was always amazed that music lovers still made the effort to get up to the grounds, cars were parked across the whole of Nyon stretching for miles and he was pleased that that many took advantage of public transport. Stromae a massive success Jacques Monnier said it was always difficult to summarise in 5 minutes all the concerts at the festival, but undoubtedly the concert of Stromae will go down in Paléo history, not only did it attract record numbers to the grounds, but the concert itself “was spectacular and something “out of the ordinary”.  Paléo is very pleased to have brought Stromae to Nyon and they say they are interested to see what happens to his career next as the artist aims to win over the American public. Stromae courtesy Paleo Photo above –  courtesy Paléo. Records crowds for Stromae As to the other Paléo 2014 concerts, some of the highlights were artists such as Seasick Steve, “he stripped everything down to the basics,  just him and one other musician and he still produced a great sound”, Parov Stelar “their concert went on until 0300 a.m and was a real hit”, Plaza Francia in the Dome  (read a previous Living in Nyon review of this concert here) and Akua Naru in Le Detour tent  (read Jonas’s  review here). Although Monnier didn’t quite say so outright, there seemed to have been some disappointment with the Elton John concert, and Living in Nyon agrees, although he was in fine voice,  he didn’t really engage with the audience.  Monnier repeated there had been many other concerts that had been a success with the public, too many to mention. Paléo is always pleased to be able to showcase Swiss artists and this year there were many on the line-up.  Music programmers from  Glastonbury in the UK, to Roskilde festival in Denmark to other important world festivals come to Paléo in the hunt for new artists, so playing on a Paléo stage gives bands a great opportunity to promote their work. IMG_4022 IMG_4023 Above – Swiss band – ” The Silver Firs” from Berne Screens and Sounds  There was some small discussion at the press conference on the fact that if one band is playing at Les Arches and another is playing at the Club Tent (or even on the main stage), then at times the music can clash and both bands can be heard at the same time. However Monnier said that this doesn’t happen often, it was more to do with the wind direction that day and if it did occur, it was only for 15 minutes due to the careful scheduling.  The alternative, he said, would be to eliminate one stage completely which they didn’t want to do as it would limit the music choices on offer to the public. Nevertheless , they were always looking at how to improve the layout of the stages, but he said this clashing of sounds issue is not unique to Paléo, it can also be a problem at many other festivals. This year there were more screens placed around the grounds, particularly for the Stromae concert due to concerns about safety and to ensure all the public could watch the concert, so the question was raised by a member of the press if they should do this more often, however Paléo is slightly reluctant as they really want to attract the public to be near the stages as it lends to the atmosphere. The only slight negative to this year’s Paléo was that drink sales were down by about 10%. Rossellat says this often happens in poor weather. The bars and restaurants at Paléo bring in approximately 20% of its revenue. Aside from that, is was concluded that it was a successful Paléo and there was much promised for next year which will be celebrate 40 years of the festival.  There will probably some kind of party or celebration planned in the town itself and all will be revealed on the 14th April along with the line up. Tickets will go on sale on 22nd April and the festival  itself will take place from 21 to 26 July 2015. The music from the  Village du Monde area will be from the Far East. Living in Nyon will be there of course to report on it all including writer and student Jonas Parson (photo below) who covered the festival  this year. IMG_3178 Below – other  images of Paléo 2014 IMG_4043 IMG_3466 Above – Namaân – The young French reggae artist IMG_4008 Above – guitarist from Chico Trujillo IMG_4056 Above – The European Orchestra playing on Les Arches stage. IMG_4052 Above and below the famous massive “tartines” served at Paléo IMG_4053 IMG_4122 Above – scene from the Yossou NDour concerr IMG_4062 Serving meat at the Argentinian asado in the Village du Monde area IMG_4076 Above – Focussing  the heavy cameras onto the crowd   IMG_4153 IMG_4151

Another day, Another Paléo – Another Coup for the festival

The facts and figures of Paléo are impressive. This year’s tally is not in yet, but last year’s festival (for example) involved 1,423 musicians and technicians, there were 296 shows on six stages and 4,673 volunteers worked at the festival, all in an area of 84 hectares (including the camping and parking). 215 stall holders and 53 bars were on site and 1,335,000 washable cups had been produced by Paléo since 2009.  23% of the spectators had come from the Nyon area and 49% of the public had already taken part in more than 5 editions of the festival.

Many Paléo fans attend each night such is their love of this festival. However, yesterday – day 5, loyalty was obviously tested for some, with all the on site car parks closed, buses and trains packed en route to the festival and the grounds very muddy in places. It wasn’t exactly the best start to the sixth night of Paléo – even the Living in Nyon editor wondered if she had the energy to walk and squelch round all the acres and music stages one more time. However, you only need to hear the first riff of a guitar playing on a stage somewhere, the bass of a drum and the cheer of the crowd as it applauds an artist, and you are hooked all over again.

The Coup in Concert

The Les Arches stage began with an early concert of “The Coup”, a punk/ hip hop band from the U.S.A. Billed as a group which mixes elements of “The Clash” with “Sly and the Family Stone”, lead singer “Boots Riley” hit the ground running as soon he came on stage. Unfortunately, the grounds at this time (around 18:00) were only half full, probably due to the transport problems. Nevertheless Riley warmed up the crowd early on by shouting out “You haven’t been to a “The Coup” concert unless you have danced” and the audience responded with enthusiasm.


“The Coup” is well known and has been criticised for its lyrics, lyrics that often mock American politics, lampoon capitalism and other issues that concern them. Half way through the set Riley asked for an interpreter to come on stage to to translate a message into French for the audience. He wanted to make sure that they were aware about what was going on in Gaza and Palestine and he urged the audience not to look away from the issues.  There was a slight irony to this statement –  it was highly probable that many of the audience did know about the issues, with the U.N.C.H.R,  the U.N and the head quarters of the Red Cross just down the road in the Geneva – plenty of the crowd probably knew someone who worked in a humanitarian related field.


There was also another slight irony to the concert – after having mocked capitalism, Riley came off stage and attempted to sell a “The Coup” T shirt to someone in the crowd. Asking about the rate of exchange of the Euro to the Swiss Franc and taking money from a member of the audience didn’t quite ring with his anti-capitalist message. Nevertheless, Riley himself is a charismatic, energetic performer and a born front man.

For this festival-goer though it was “Silk-E” the female vocalist with the group who really stole the show with her energetic dancing, and powerful soulful voice. She engaged the audience just as much as Riley and there were plenty of whoops and shouts at some of her antics.



She always rewarded them with a stunning smile after each song, something that was missing from Riley’s stage performance, an acknowledgement for the crowd’s presence and for them trekking though the mud to get there would have been nice instead of him repeating endlessly that they were from Oakland California (we knew that).  Still, it was an engaging show and bravo to the Paléo programmers for bringing them to the L’Asse grounds.


Theatre in La Ruche 

The theatre show that took place in La Ruche area of the grounds later on was a complete contrast. This was a funny, witty performance made for both parents and children and is worth watching, and even if you don’t understand much French, a lot of the acting and antics is self-explanatory.  Note – Beware of talking on your mobile phone while the show is on!  A member of the crowd was in full conversation on the phone and the lead actor took the phone from him and began to chat with the other person on the end of the line to the audience’s great amusement!






Plaza Francia 

A contrast again was the Plaza Francia concert that took place later in the Dome. Here the audience were transported to the streets of Argentina with a mixture of tango rock and French romanticism.  Eduardo Makaroff and Swiss Christophe Muller (both members of Gotan Project) have teamed up with French singer and musician Catherine Ringer and other musicians, to create a wonderful sound – a mixture of  tango and pop music.  This concert was sexy, sensational and the crowd responded in kind with loud applause and demand for encore after encore.






Tonight’s line up (Sunday 27 July) includes performances from Yousso NDour, The National, Tweek (a band from Nyon!) Classical music at 17:30, fireworks at 23:30 followed by headlining band Placebo. See Paléo for full line up.