More music, more sun, more rain – Caribana day 4


Ukulele and a music box are part of the wacky instruments Carrousel play – All photos Jonas Parson

Caribana’s reputation for it’s fine weather was once again confirmed for part of the evening, as the festival opened its gates under the shining sun.
The evening started with Swiss band Carrousel, made of Franco-Swiss couple Leonard Gogniat and Sophie Burande who met while busking in France. Their enthusiasm and great tunes, engaging lyrics rapidly gathered a fair amount of people enjoying a ride on their musical “merry-go-round” (Carrousel, in French!)  under the sun. It’s always quite impressive, specially for the first concert of the evening, to see the change from the few people sitting in front of the stage before it begins to the crowd that gathers after the first couple of minutes. The magic of music and festivals!
Switching from the accordion to guitar, toy piano and even a music box, Carrousel gave a really nice concert, where you could see the band were enjoying themselves as much as the crowd, even under the high temperatures!

Carrousel and their infectious enthusiasm

Carrousel and their infectious enthusiasm

The crowd gathers in front of Carrousel, under the scorching sun

The crowd gathers in front of Carrousel, under the scorching sun

Next up on the main stage, Selah Sue enchanted everyone with her powerful voice. Her own mix of soul, funk and R’n’B got people moving to the rhythm, as she went from more energetic songs to mellower soulful tunes, swapping her backing band for an acoustic guitar. The 26 year old Belgian showed she didn’t need four other musicians to hold her own on the main stage, and her solo moments were really good.

Selah Sue does a solo piece with her guiatr

Selah Sue does a solo piece with her guitar

The advantage of Caribana is that you’re never far from anything on the grounds, and you can sit down anywhere, have a bit to eat without missing out on the concerts. Traditional festival food stalls offer anything from Curries to Burgers, via Pizzas, Crèpes and Baked Potatoes. Whether you sip a beer at a table in front of the smaller stage, or enjoy a refreshing cocktail from “Miss Caipi’s” bar with you feet in the (enjoyably cool) lake, the festival’s setting allows you to relax and enjoy the great weather in a beautiful spot.


It wasn’t all sun and fun, and as Swedish cult band the Cardigans walked onto the main stage, the sky gradually got more and more menacing. Commenting on what looked like an impending storm, forecast for around 22:00 (quite accurately, too!), they joked they would try and up the tempo and play all their songs slightly faster to finish before the bad weather hit. The crowd was quite diverse, with quite a few people who had come with their children. The most enthusiastic hand wavers were all over 40, and probably fans of the band when they first started playing. The lead singer engaged with crowd, reminiscing of her 18 years of age when she first sang a particular song, for example. Playing to the setting sun, with a background of perilous clouds, the atmosphere was pretty great. An amused festival-goer pointed out to his friends, regarding the colours in the sky, that they seemed to have the best light effects technician in the world- indeed, Nature is hard to beat!



Sadly, they lost against the weather, and as the wind gradually got stronger, and the first drops of rain started falling, some of the crowd wandered off towards the reassuring protection of the bars. Others, more intrepid, maybe hardcore fans or storm enthusiasts simply fished out the raincoats kindly handed out at the festival entrance, and continued, impervious to the (by now) massive amounts of water falling down on them. As the rain didn’t look like it was going to stop, and actually got stronger and stronger, quite a few people started leaving the grounds to head back to their car or the bus and dryer spots.

People flock to shelter as the storm hits Caribana

People flock to shelter as the storm hits Caribana

Intrepid festival-goers braving the storm

Intrepid festival-goers braving the storm

From Bastille to Swinging with Parov Stelar – Caribana Day 2


Photos above and below – Parov Stelar –   C. Nelson-Pollard

Review by Jonas Parson

The second night of Caribana turned out to be another very warm and successful evening (the second sold-out night in a row, tickets are still available for Friday and Saturday night) and the acts headlining that night attracted a completely different crowd  to that of the night before. Trooper boots, spiked necklaces and heavy make-up were swapped for lighter, more colourful clothing, as the Marilyn Manson(read a quick review of his concert below) fan base was replaced by a younger audience come to see Bastille. The night wasn’t all about lighter music and polite bands though, as DJ, producer and band leader Parov Stelar was one of Thursday’s headlines. One of the major influences in the development of Electro Swing, the Parov Stelar Band were there to play their latest album, the Demon Diaries. Mesmerising vocals, edgy saxophone solos and heavy beats turned the front of the main stage into an open-air dance-floor. Playing both new songs and all the popular hits to a very elegant visual background(including a quote by German philosopher Immanuel Kant!), the band was the highlight of the evening.


Before what looked like a full moon came out in the night sky, the grounds also vibrated to a lot of mostly electrified music. From Swiss duo Elvett, who played their own brand of acoustic-electro, complete with the enchanting voice of Lyn who kicked off the evening on the lake stage, to Metronomy who gradually brought together the crowd in front of the main stage. The English band, all very elegant in their matching outfits, delivered their dandyish mix of electro and pop with great class and loads of punch.


London-based band Bastille were obviously one of the headlines of the evening, and the many teenagers on the grounds was a sure sign of that. The indie pop sensation whose hits combine catchy tunes and compelling choruses. Very polite, albeit slightly too well behaved, the band surely pleased the younger fans.


Photos above and below – Bastille – C. Nelson-Pollard




Other bands included young Irish rock band the Strypes with their rather classic style of rock, and electro/deep house artist the Avener. The charm of the lakeside with the leafy grounds and warm night air were perfect to dance to the organic beats of the French musician.

To all the fans of Ben l’Oncle Soul, but who can’t make it to Caribana this evening, his concert will be live-streamed on the website. The concert starts at 19:30.

Make-up, heavy metal and theatrics

Late on Wednseday night, the crowd waiting in front of the main stage wore mostly black, with the usual spiked bracelets, big boots or torn clothing. All were waiting for one of the most infamous metal bands, Marilyn Manson (people tried to have his last two concerts in Switzerland banned, in 2005 and 2012, accusing him of Satanism and whatnot). The demographics were actually quite diverse, as Manson appeals a lot to younger fans of the genre.The heavily made-up singer, now well in his forties, delivered a show with his usual sense of theatrics, from the various microphones adorned with knives and knuckledusters to the smoke billowing up behind him. Playing songs from nearly all of his albums, including his great version of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams (a personal favourite), Marilyn Manson delivered a good concert, although slightly lacking in punch.

Waiting for Marilyn – First night of Caribana


Black boots, black make up and lots of black clothing were in abundance at the first night of Caribana 2015 as Marilyn Manson fans arrived early at the lakeside venue to get a good spot in the crowd to see the headline act.



Wednesday night (a sell out night) was hot with clear blue skies, a perfect start to the festival. The music was mainly dedicated to rock, with performances from UK band Kill it Kid, John Dear from Lausanne, John J. Presley from the UK and other bands, both on the main stage and the lake stage.

This year a lot of the grassy areas of Caribana are covered over with synthetic tiles, which should help in times of rain, although the forecast is looking good for the next few days. All the usual Caribana food stalls with a choices of food from various countries are back again this year, including the famous “Miss Caïpirinha” bar. See list of bars here. There are still some tickets left for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Headlining acts include Bastille, Parov Stelar, Gentlemen, John Newman, The Cardigans and more.

Click here for details.





Volunteers handing out festival programmes

IMG_7647 IMG_7648





New outdoor fresh food market at railway station for Gland


New Market in Gland.

From the 22nd April until November there will be a weekly outdoor fresh produce market situated next to the railway station in Gland.

This market, is scheduled to be open every Wednesday from 16:00 – 20:00. This schedule has been timed to coincide with rail commuters returning home after work. Initially there will be around 12 stands, including a fishmonger, a butcher, a baker and a market gardener. Other fresh produce businesses will be invited to join the market in the future.


Visions du Réel film shown in Gland this year

Other good news for residents of Gland is that this year, Visions du Réel, the annual documentary film festival in Nyon (17th April -25th April), will screen some  of the fesitval’s films in Gland. All films under the section “Grand Angle” at the festival, will be shown not only in Nyon, but also at the Théatre de Grand-Champs in Gland. Free “navette” buses will shuttle between Gland and the Village du Réel central area in a new partnership between the two towns. The shops and commerces of Gland will also participate in the festival’s annual competition for the best “film related” decorated window. Members of the public and festival goers are invited to participate in the competition.

Decorated fountains in Nyon

Meanwhile, over in Nyon, check out some of the town’s fountains which have been decorated for the Easter season by volunteer groups and local associations. At the moment, there is no water in the fountains and sadly one of the fountains has already been vandalised, however there are still a few around the town to see!











Winter Rock’ n’ Beat festival this weekend

Les Hivernales is an annual winter rock’ n’ beat festival that began last night Thursday the 26th Feb and continues on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 1st March in Nyon.

From the “beach” area down by the lake, to the Salle Communale to the Quai 23 restaurant and more, there is plenty of music on offer in ten different venues across the town. Entrance to some venues are free, some are fee paying. There is also the option to buy a pass for each evening. See here 

Video below – Transistor Girl playing Friday 27th February at Cactus Jack at 22:30


Les Hivernales