From winter sledging to the business of football, to reaction on Sunday’s immigration vote

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1260+ (1260 is the post code of Nyon)  is a  selection of interesting articles chosen from other English information sites and blogs here in Switzerland. Some articles feature places around the Nyon area, some are on places or events to be found further afield. We have also chosen a selection of articles commenting on Sunday’s recent vote here in Switzerland.

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Musée du Léman in Nyon, Winter Sledging and a review of the restaurant La Nautique

We begin by pointing you to an informative article on visiting the Musée du Léman here in Nyon.

This museum which has recently been renovated is situated on Nyon’s lake side and is well worth a visit.  This article with photos, on the excellent Geneva Family Diaries site, focusses on visiting the museum with young children, however Living in Nyon can also recommend  this museum for  adults too!  Read here to find out how you can step inside a submarine, take your own picnic to the café, listen to the audio instruction in English and French, let the children take part in interactive activities, and watch the fish up close in the museum’s aquarium.

Also, on the same website, there is an article on winter sledging with children and eating at the restaurant La Nautique in Nyon (also, one of Living in Nyon’s favourite restaurants !)

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Swiss Wine News including latest on wine fraud in Vaud

The website Geneva Lunch provides daily news on all things Swiss, including a section called  “Among the Vines” devoted to Swiss wine. Ellen Wallace the founder of the site is a wine connoisseur and posts regularly on the site on the subject. Read here to find out about the recent wine fraud currently under investigation in the canton of Vaud.

Competition on “Know it All” for theatre tickets

Not only is the website Know it All  jam packed with useful and fabulous information on living in Geneva, Vaud and neighbouring France, but the site often runs special offers on Swiss products and runs competitions for tickets to local events. Know it All’s latest competition is to win free tickets for the upcoming production of   the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) in France.   Read here to find out how to enter the competition.

Commentary on last Sunday’s vote on immigration to Switzerland

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Here is a round up of news articles analysing and commenting on the recent immigration vote in Switzerland.

from Swiss InfoNewspapers Stress Significance of Immigration vote   and  Cautious Reaction to Swiss vote

from Diccon Bewes, author and commentator on all things Swiss,  read his latest article called  The Swiss Boat is Full

from Le News,  Foreigners: Bane or Boon?   This article was written before Sunday’s vote, the next print edition of Le News is due out on Thursday 13th February. Le News is also available online.


Other useful info

The new issue of Hello Switzerland magazine now out

Hello CH front cover

The latest edition of “Hello Switzerland” is now out, both in print and online. The print version is available free and can be delivered to your home by subscribing on the site or you can read the magazine here  The latest issue has articles on the battle of the hamburger restaurants in Lausanne, a review of a talk called the “Business of the Beautiful Game” given by Gianni Infantino, General Secretary of UEFA  to upcoming Spring events in the Vaud region and much more.


Music, Cinema, Rugby: what’s on in Nyon next week


Looking for something to do next week? Here are a few things going on in the area over the next ten days.


Both Cinéma Capitole in Nyon and Cinéma Rex in Aubonne offer special English speaking screenings. The next English films you can go and see in these two cinemas are:

Cinema Rex, Aubonne:

Gravity – 3D Monday 28th October, 20:30 part of the English Movie program

With Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Dr. Ryan Stone is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine space-walk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone, tethered to nothing but each other and spiralling out into the blackness…

You can watch the trailer here.

Cinéma Capitole, Nyon


Monday 21st October, 20:30

With Naomi Watts

A film about cult icon Lady Diana.

Watch the trailer

Blue Jasmine

Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, 18:00

With Cate Blanchett

The latest Woody Allen film

 Watch the trailer


From Schubert’s Lieder in Gland on the 24th to metal and pop rock this weekend at the Usine à Gaz with the 6th edition of Nyon’s On Fire, but also Fado in Bonmont abbey and the traditional Thursday night Jazz apéro under the Chateau in Nyon, the music offer in the area will please everyone’s tastes.

Thursday 24th October, 17:00, Théâtre de Grand Champ, Gland: Schubert’s Lieder performed by the Atelier à Coeur Joie.

Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, Usine à Gaz, Nyon: For the sixth year running Heimathome, an association which promotes alternative music from the area, is organising Nyon’s On Fire at the Usine à Gaz. After the success of the last few years, and a 100% Swiss headline, they have decided to tackle larger game this year. Friday night will be aimed at metal and hardcore lovers, whilst Saturday night will see the venue resonate with the electro-pop tunes of We Have Band, as well as other rock and electro bands. This will be We Have Band’s third time in Nyon, after a gig at Paléo Festival and another one in the Usine A Gaz. You can check out an interview Living In Nyon did with the band last time they came here.

More info and line-up on the festival’s website

Sunday 27th October, 17:00, Abbaye de Bonmont: Katia Guerriero will play Fado (traditional Portuguese music) in this 12th century Cistercian abbey with wonderful acoustics. Tickets cost 40.- for adults, 30.- for students and pensioners, and 20.- for children (8-15 yrs). Book on

Thursday 31st October, 18:00, Chateau de Nyon: Provinyon’s traditional jazz apéros. Come and enjoy a nice Swiss apéro with local wine whilst listening to the Geneva Boogie Woogie Trio. Entrance costs 5.-, please book on



The Swiss rugby championship will be held in Colovray on Sunday the 27th of October. Entrance is free.

The ecological association “Sol à Tous” regularly organises walks in the area to clean up the nature and pick up rubbish. Their next expedition will be in Duiller on Saturday the 26th. The rendezvous is fixed at 14:30 at the “Duillier, centre communal” bus stop. (You can take the n°820 bus to St-George in Nyon which leaves at 14:21).

A new cookery school, “Les Papilles à la fete”, has opened in Nyon, and classes are available in English! Check out the website for more information, or read a more detailed account in English on

From First Aid Courses to FACTA, to Swiss Food and Wine

Here is an other edition of 1260+  a miscellaneous selection of events and useful information for readers. Why 1260+?    1260 is the postcode of Nyon so for these articles, we travel further afield.

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 Interviews in English

 UK Doctor working in Switzerland

Listen here to an interview on World Radio Switzerland with a UK trained doctor who works  in the emergency department of the Cantonal Hospital of Geneva. She talks about the similarities and differences of working here as a doctor compared to the UK. We hear about Swiss medical culture, the cost of treatment, the language skills of Swiss doctors and more.

Online Learning opportunities for Expats 

Listen here to an interview with an expat who started a PhD in education as the first ever PhD distance student at Edinburgh University. You can also find other suggestions to online learning opportunities  from the Open University to the Khan Academy, on the same page as the interview.

Miscellaneous  Info and Articles from other websites

7 Weird Things found in Switzerland – See this article here from the website “Newly Swissed”   The editor of Living in Nyon is not sure if some of these are “April Fools” or not. Judge for yourself!

Swiss Prices give me Indigestion –   An article here by Diccon Bewes (author of Swiss Watching) on the high price of some products in Swiss pharmacies.

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Switzerland’s Surprising Wines – See article  here from the website “Geneva Lunch” for a clear explanation (in English) about Swiss wines and all about the six wine making regions.

Want to know why the shape of a wine glass matters?   Listen to this radio interview here by Amy Eber the food Scout on World Radio Switzerland.


US Expats feel the burden of FACTA   –  Read here on Swiss Info  about FATCA – ( the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and how it has caused “upheaval among the American expat community and dual Swiss-US nationals living in Switzerland”

Video on local TV of  the Naval Parade in Nyon

Missed the naval parade in Nyon on the 19th May?  You can get an idea of the atmosphere of the day here on this video on Nyon Region TV  (the parade is from around 5. 30 minutes into the video)

La caméra en balade – Parade Navale de la CGN à… par nyonregiontv

First Aid Course for Swiss Driver’s Licence to be held in English  

 Friday 7th June 18:00-21:30  Saturday 8th June 09:00-17:00  See details on Health First website here

The obligatory approved First Aid course required for the driving licence in Switzerland. The course is 10 hours long and is split over a Friday evening and a full day on a Saturday. The course is delivered in English and the contents include:

The first actions to take at the scene of an accident.

How to call for emergency help, including essential French and German phrases and your legal obligations in Switzerland.

How to keep yourself and others safe when an accident has occurred, including  management of your own stress levels.

Practising Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation on life-sized mannekins. Helping an injured person at the roadside. Recognising the symptoms and signs of a heart attack and a stroke and their First Aid management. How to asses and help an unconscious person. Special precautions that need to be taken if a spinal injury is suspected. The First Aid management of severe bleeding and burns.  This is a 2 module course and attendance of both modules is required in order to obtain the course certificate.


Go On A Cruise On Lake Leman For Easter, Circus Workshop And Shows



Easter Cruise On Lake Leman

Why not enjoy Easter Sunday on a cruise around Lake Leman, with a delicious meal prepared specially for the occasion! The menu costs 55.- per adult and 27.50 per child (6-12 year old).

Phone +41 (0)848 811 848 to book.

For the complete menu, see here



Circus Workshop During Easter Holidays

Looking for something to do for your kids this Easter? L’Elastique Citrique, Nyon’s own circus school proposes week-long workshops during the Easter holidays. Come and learn how to juggle, ride a unicycle, walk on a tightrope or climb on a trapeze throughout a week of fun and discovery. There is room left for the afternoon (1 to 5 p.m.) workshop for 8 to 13 year olds on both weeks. You can find more information and book here.



Circus Starlight In Geneva With “Entresort”

Circus Starlight presents their new show, “Entresort” in Geneva, until the 7th of April. An “entresort” is a sideshow in old funfairs, where the public would continuously enter the attraction at one end and leave at the other, discovering some strange and mysterious act inside- hence the name, entre-sort (enter-exit). This show is a modern retelling of this attraction. On stage, numerous doors lead to as many different memories and moments from the past, full of nostalgic acrobats, clowns and entertainers. More information here



Circus Helvetia- Shows In Perroy And Mies

Take your kids to a circus show by one of the best Swiss Circuses, Circus Helvetia, for a moment of magic and amazement full of acrobatics, unicycling, juggling and aerial acts.

Circus Helvetia will be stopping in Perroy(near Morges) on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th, and in Mies(near Coppet) on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th. More information and more tour dates here.


Jazz Concert And Local Wine

Go and enjoy a nice glass of local wine under the Chateau de Nyon whilst listening to a piano, saxophone and clarinet trio on Thursday 28th March. The concert starts at 6.30 p.m., booking required. More info here.



Weekly Night Market In Coppet

Every Thursday from 4 to 9 p.m., local market in the port.


Music At The Church

Instrumental Ensemble “Le Choeur Brisé” (a pun on the broken choir/the broken heart) will be playing music by G.B. Fontana (1571-1630), with readings of sacred texts from different religious traditions on Friday 29th March at the Protestant Church in Nyon.(Rue du Temple, in the centre of Nyon). The concert is free and starts at 5 p.m.


Flea Market In Rolle

On Saturday 30th March, “A Coffre Ouvert”, the monthly flea market will take place around the Castle in Rolle. It’s the perfect occasion if the weather is good for a nice stroll along the lakeside in Rolle.


La Côte Personality 2012 Award, Les Hivernales Rock’n’Beat Festival this Weekend

Courtesy lacô

The La Côte  “personality of the year” Award 

At the end of last year, the local newspaper La Côte decided to host a competition to elect the most influential personality of the year in the la Côte region. This competition was part of  the newspaper’s aim to establish its role as an important player on the local scene. The final round of the competition was narrowed down to  five people – see below. Readers were  invited to vote for their favourite “personnalité de La Côte 2012”.

Sport, Politics and Music

The finalists selected by La Côte readers come from various sections of society and regions, from Morges, Jura, Nyon and Gingins.

Ellen Sprunger – Olympic Athlete living in Gingins

Youngest of the lot, and probably the one with the most international exposure is Gingin’s own Olympic champion, 26 year old heptathlete Ellen Sprunger. She won the title of “feminine athlete of the year 2012″, and competed in the London Olympics last summer, where she finished 19th. Alongside her athletic achievements, she is also studying for a Masters degree in sports.

Benjamin Zumstein – Music promoter

The next finalist is Benjamin Zumstein, whom Living in Nyon readers might recognise as the owner of La Parenthèse (see here for article on La Parenthèse), the music venue in the centre of Nyon. Benjamin Zumstein lives a double life: financial investment counsellor by day, he becomes the programmer of La Parenthèse by night, turning Nyon into an important place on the musical scene, helping discover rising bands- many of which then go on to play at the Paléo Festival.

Nurria Gorrite, Yves Defferard and  André Rosé – from the political scene

The next two finalists share in common their socially committed political engagement- even though not on the same level.

Nurria Gorrite, ex-”syndique” (the Swiss equivalent to a mayor) of Morges, is now a member of the Conseil d’Etat. From a working-class background, she continues to fight for the development of the region, especially when it comes to public transport.

Yves Defferard is something of a local hero in the events that took place last year when Novartis decided to close down its factory in Nyon. Trade unionist for Unia- one of the big Swiss trade unions- he was one of the people who managed to make Novartis backtrack and stay in the area. Passionate about travelling-as a way of opening up to different cultures and sensibilities, he is also part of Amnesty International.

Last but not least, André Rosé. Employee of  Nyon municipality for 16 years, this ex-swimmer has always been extremely involved in organising all of the sports events- one of his nicknames is “Monsieur Manifestation”- ie “Mr Event”. Impossible to name all of the events he helped organise over the last few years; he was in charge of the big screen on the lakeside during the Euro 2008, he helped organise the first Fête de la Vigne in 2011 and many other events, such as the Swiss wrestling competition in 2001, or the numerous events at the Stade Nyonais and the Nyon Triathlon.


Courtesy Samuel Fromhold – André Rosé and Nuria Gorite, winners of the award

A joint victory

The awards ceremony was held at the Usine à Gaz-  another important venue on the local scene, with a host of local personalities, and a series of concerts by local bands. Appreciated for their commitment to their respective towns and region by the readers of La Côte, Nurria Gorite and André Rosé were jointly elected Personality of La Côte 2012, with a shared total of 370 voices, thus linking Morges and Nyon ever closer. Quite a coup for the first instalment of what looks ready to become a new tradition in the area! Benjamin Zumstein also received a prize from the Commercial School of Nyon.

Les Hivernales- Nyon’s Newest Music Festival

Nyon deserves its title of the “Town of Festivals”, and in the past four years has added another to its list – “Les Hivernales”. Thsi festival is spread out throughout Nyon in several different venues, and shakes the hibernating city out of its stupor for a week of frenzy and dancing through the night. Dedicated to the electro-rock universe (and its multiple and expanding sub-genres), the festival presents big headlines in its two main venues, the Usine à Gaz and the Salle Communale. But its success is due to the conviviality and proximity with the artists you can get in the multitude of satellite venues across town. From the Villa Niedermeyer on the lakeside to La Parenthèse, there are more than 9 different venues in which you can discover a rich line up of electro and rock bands.

This year, Puppetmastaz, Naïve New Beaters or South Central will help you chase the winter away dancing. Les Hivernales Rock’n’Beat Festival takes place from the 28th February to the 3rd March.

Check the line-up with this video, and get more information, including the full line-up, location of all the venues and ticket prices here.



Apero Jazz at The Caveau de Nyon

The Caveau de Nyon, situated under the Castle, is hosting a Jazz concert and “apero” on Thursday 28th February, with clarinettist Gilbert Rosman and guitarist Marc Vittoz. Enjoy some nice music while discovering some good local wine in a nice setting in the cellars of the Nyon Castle.

Booking Required.

More information here