Living with, and driving an electric car in Vaud – CH 2.50 on average to fill it up!

Christian C

  Living  with an electric car in the canton of Vaud Back in March, thousands of visitors visited the Geneva car show to gaze upon the new offerings of the motor industry. This year, the “Green Pavillion” at the show created a lot of attention from both the press and the public and in this area  it was possible to […]

“Living along Lac Léman” book is now for sale! – The perfect gift for everyone.

Cropped back cover

Tuesday evening in Nyon saw the official launch of  the book “Living along Lac Léman”. Thankyou so much to all those who came to the Villa Thomas at the COV for the vernissage/launch. Photos above. Happy book fans!   The venue in the stunning lake side setting made it the perfect place to launch the book. It also gave readers of […]

Saving Money

There is no doubt that when many expatriates arrive here they are amazed by some of the prices of goods and services. However not everything is expensive, chocolate, wine and petrol are cheaper (than in the UK), but after a few years of living here I have learned that it is not worth comparing prices […]