Interview with Philip Jennings – General Secretary of Uni Global Union in Nyon

Philip Jennings

Here is the second of the Living in Nyon interviews with influential individuals who live in the La Côte area. See previous interview with Daniel Rossellat (Nyon mayor and head of Paléo) here. Here we speak to Philip Jennings –  Jennings, Welshman, rugby lover and former volunteer firefighter – was listed in Bilan magazine as one of the […]

Swiss local politics – “The drama is hidden behind the geraniums”

Philippe Martinet

From time to time Living in Nyon features articles which are written by guest writers. For this post, Phillipe Martinet, a local deputy and councillor in Gland for the past 25 years, has written about his perspective on local Swiss politics.  He sums up  what he feels he has (or hasn’t!) achieved in the 25 years that he has been […]

Bernard Garo – Renowned Nyon artist opens up his workshop to the public next weekend

Garo C

Along the Route de L’Etraz in Nyon lies a set of ateliers (workshops) and at number 20 A (5) is the studio of renowned Nyon artist Bernard Garo.  Garo is well known in Switzerland for his art, photography and installations and although he lives and works in Nyon,  his eye is firmly on the rest of the world. His global vision inspires him to travel to other  countries not only for […]

From Costa Rica to La Côte- Interview with Braulio Mora plus news.


Quick round up on a couple of pieces of recent news taken from La Côte plus an interview with Braulio Mora, local resident and one of the youngest members of Nyon town council. Pool for Chéserex: The citizens of Chéserex (a village near Nyon)  voted on the 31st January to go ahead with the construction of an indoor swimming pool […]