“Living along Lac Léman” book is now for sale! – The perfect gift for everyone.

Cropped back cover

Tuesday evening in Nyon saw the official launch of  the book “Living along Lac Léman”. Thankyou so much to all those who came to the Villa Thomas at the COV for the vernissage/launch. Photos above. Happy book fans!   The venue in the stunning lake side setting made it the perfect place to launch the book. It also gave readers of […]

Football’s coming home and Nyon can be proud

This is the way football should be. A true celebration of the beautiful game. During the three weeks of Euro 2008, Swiss,Turkish, Spanish, Portugese, German, French, Russian, Dutch and other nationalities all congegrated in the UBS Arena in Nyon. Not once did I see any violence, any problems, or confrontations. All I saw was a […]

Euro 2008 in Nyon – Painting the town red

The centre of Nyon was a fun place to be last night whether you were routing for Portugal, Turkey, or Switzerland. Red was the predominant colour on T-shirts, flags and hats. The area around the railway station is full of fans, and there’s a great atmosphere. No sooner had the final whistle blew after the […]

Things are hotting up for the football..even if the weather isn’t

There was a brief respite from the downpours yesterday. Enough to get a glimpse of the UBS arena being built down on the lake side. There will be 1,900 places (non seated) free of charge and 1,200 paid seats to enable fans to watch the matches. The arena will open two hours before the first […]

Footy Fever

The signs are going up around the town and the pace for Euro2008 is hotting up. Shame the weather isn’t doing the same.

Euro 2008 is Coming

Football Love it or loathe it, you wil not be able to miss Euro 2008 here in Nyon. There is a lot planned such as big screens erected down by the lake side so we can boo and cheer the refs collectively. Turkey and Portugal play their opening match in Geneva on the 7th June. […]