Expat fair on Sunday 3rd November. Information, Presentations, English Book Exchange and more!

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Whether you are new to Switzerland, or have been here for a while, it’s well worth visiting  the Léman Expat Fair. There is always lots of useful information for the international community at this fair which will take place from 11:00 -17:00 on Sunday 3rd November in the Beaulieu in Lausanne

This fair is now in its seventh year and gets bigger and better each year. Living in Nyon will be there with our own stand (booth 54) so come and say hello! It’s also a good opportunity to purchase a copy of the book Living along Lac Léman (while stocks last!)

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Entry is free to the Léman Fair but if you register in advance,  you can enter a draw to win a range of prizes ranging from a voucher for one night and two dinner and breakfasts at the lovely Hôtel Palafitte on the water in Neuchatel, CFF vouchers, entrances to spas and more.  You can register here for the draw

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English Book Exchange

There is also an English book exchange too at the fair. Bring your used books and CDs  and OFFER them to other expats!  Full details here

Lots of exhibitors

Take a look at all the exhibitors at this fair from A-Z here


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Workshops and Presentations

There are will be a range of presentations and workshops at the fair including a short presentation by Diccon Bewes on his book “Slow Train to Switzerland” – reminder Diccon will also be coming to Nyon on the 25th November for a fun evening event plus apéro see here.

One of the presentations at the Léman Expat Fair at 13:30 -14:00 will be on

“What steps are needed to start your own business?” by Julien Guex – Chamber of Commerce Vaud

This presentation  will give an overview of what one needs to know before setting up their own business in Vaud. Our speakers of the day, from the CVCI (Chamber of Commerce of the Canton of Vaud ), will cover the technical and legal aspects involved when setting up one’s own business. Information will also be provided about the different existing organizations specifically dedicated to supporting emerging businesses and start-ups in the region.

There will be another presentation from 15:00 – 16:00  on the “Canton of  Vaud School Education System”,  followed by CVCI with a presentation on apprenticeships in Vaud.

See you there at the fair! –  Directions on how to get there by public transport and bus here




L’Elastique Citrique tours lakeside aboard ancient sailing boat next week- daily shows in ports.


“Famille de cirque” performing last year at Paléo

A year after performing at Paleo, L’Elastique Citrique, Nyon’s circus school will be going on tour next week down the Vaud lakeside. The circus troupe, made of about 20 artists who train at the circus school several times a week will be on tour for a week, but there’s a twist: they’ll be touring aboard a boat!

La Demoiselle is a replica of an old sailing ship that used to transport rocks from quarries on the lake during the 19th century. There are for ships of her kind sailing on Lake Leman, including the Neptune in Geneva. The boat is run by an association called “La barque des enfants”, and it is used for pedagogical outings and camps on the lake. La Demoiselle was built over 15 years in Montreux and Villeneuve by workers on the dole, and is now used by schools and groups. As the association has quite strong social values, the boat is offered to associations and groups for half the price it actually costs to sail her for a week (which is 10 000 francs!), and they make the missing money by also renting the ship out for private venues and corporate outings.

The ship itself is 30 meters long, weighs 75 tons, and has two large Latin sails. It is fully equipped with a kitchen, toilets and 24 beds.

shipcirque 2

Courtesy- Samuel Schlapbach


You may have seen the artists from L’Elastique Citrique at Paléo last year, clad in red, or performing in the streets of Nyon for Vision du Réel. This is part of their new project, “Famille de Cirque”, which is a much lighter project than past shows, and involves a lot of improvising and street theatre. For the tour, they have created a 40 minute show which they will play in the ports they land in along the lake. Using very little material (a large red circle, some juggling balls and two unicycles), they will offer a 360° show to the people come to see them. In the spirit of street performances, the show will be free, and the audience will be able show their appreciation of the show by slipping a few notes in the hats passed round at the end of the show. The show, called “La Vie en Rouge” [life in red, a pun on “La vie en Rose”, by Edith Piaf] will be all about relationships and passion. Why red, might you ask? Well, it’s the colour often associated to circus, and to different passionate feelings like love, anger… It is a recurring colour for L’Elastique Citrique.

cirqueship 1

Courtesy- Samuel Schlapbach


The tour will start on Sunday across the lake in France, in the private settlement of Port Ripaille, on the 14th of July. La Demoiselle will then slowly make her way down to Nyon via La Tour de Peilz, Morges, St-Prex, and Geneva. You can find all the informations about the tour (dates, locations and time of the shows) below. Nyon Région TV, Nyon’s local television chain has done a video on the tour, which you can watch here. (first five minutes)

You can come and see L’Elastique Citrique on the following dates:

15th July  – La Tour-de-Peilz – 20h30 at theBains-des-Dames
16th July – Morges – 20h30 at the Port du Petit-Bois
17th July – St-Prex – 17h et 20h30 at the  Place d’Armes
19th July – Genève – 20h30 near the Jet d’eau opposite the Pierres du Niton
20th July – Nyon – 17h and 20h30 near the crane (east side of Rive)

Want to know more about the public and private schools in Switzerland? Two day student fair next week in Vaud

If you are looking for a school for your child or want to know more about the educational opportunities available in Switzerland, then the Léman Expat Student Fair is a “must visit” event which will take place next week in Lausanne on Wednesday 13th and  Thursday 14th March. Free entry by registering online in advance! (or pay CHF 10 on the day) 

Wednesday 13 March from 11:00 – 18:15  will be specific to the youngest students in kindergarten to pre-teen age.

Thursday 14 March from 10:00 – 20:00 will be for students from teen-age up to university and graduate age.

There will be information, presentations and informal discussions on international schools, local school system, academic support, all forms of special needs, education (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, intellectually gifted children, etc)  during this one event.  Discover and learn what’s in store for students in Switzerland.



Behind the scenes of the Beau-Rivage Palace hotel in Lausanne

 Last week the editor of  Living in Nyon went behind the scenes of the prestigious Beau-Rivage Palace hotel in Lausanne (member of the leading hotels of the world) on a Léman Events organised visit.  Those who had signed up for this event, were able to go down into the depths of the hotel to see its vast wine cellar – photo below just one small section of the “cave” which houses wines from around the world to cater to all tastes.

Visitors were also shown one of the hotel’s bedrooms with view over the lake.

They heard how 10 world presidents had all been in the hotel at the same time and had eaten in the hotel’s spectacular ballroom (during the G8 summit which  took place in Evian in France in 2003). Visitors on the tour saw the famous two Michelin star Sophie-Pic restaurant, the hotel’s spa and they got the opportunity to ask the hotel’s manager a variety of questions on the logistics and challenges of running such a hotel.

This was an interesting event and a full article on it will appear in the Spring 2013 issue of Hello Switzerland magazine. Click here to find out more about this magazine.

If you are interested in attending similar events next year, from golf days to hotel visits, to networking events, check the Léman Events site out here.  

Photo below- A member of staff wheels a serving trolley through the corridors in the bowels of the hotel.