Rain Will Never Dampen Paléo’s Spirits – Paléo Day 3


After two days of heatwave, the whole festival was anticipating the spell of cooler and wetter weather forecast for Wednesday. In true Paléo spirit, people geared up with wellies and raincoats, never letting anything as insignificant as a storm or a sea of mud getting in the way of the concerts. The clouds had been […]

Cooling off and Contrasting Concerts – Paléo Day 2


If you want to keep cool in the heat at Paléo you could jump in the water of the fountain (near the very entrance to the festival grounds), or you could just simply keep yourself hydrated. There are various places when you can fill water bottles up at Paléo, one of these is not far from the main entrance on […]

A very hot start to a smoking hot 40th Paléo


There is always a particular flavour to the moment the gates open on the first day of the festival. The fact that this year marks the 40th edition of Paléo made it an even more important moment, and the people milling behind the gates, waiting for them to open felt like they were part of […]