New outdoor fresh food market at railway station for Gland


New Market in Gland.

From the 22nd April until November there will be a weekly outdoor fresh produce market situated next to the railway station in Gland.

This market, is scheduled to be open every Wednesday from 16:00 – 20:00. This schedule has been timed to coincide with rail commuters returning home after work. Initially there will be around 12 stands, including a fishmonger, a butcher, a baker and a market gardener. Other fresh produce businesses will be invited to join the market in the future.


Visions du Réel film shown in Gland this year

Other good news for residents of Gland is that this year, Visions du Réel, the annual documentary film festival in Nyon (17th April -25th April), will screen some  of the fesitval’s films in Gland. All films under the section “Grand Angle” at the festival, will be shown not only in Nyon, but also at the Théatre de Grand-Champs in Gland. Free “navette” buses will shuttle between Gland and the Village du Réel central area in a new partnership between the two towns. The shops and commerces of Gland will also participate in the festival’s annual competition for the best “film related” decorated window. Members of the public and festival goers are invited to participate in the competition.

Decorated fountains in Nyon

Meanwhile, over in Nyon, check out some of the town’s fountains which have been decorated for the Easter season by volunteer groups and local associations. At the moment, there is no water in the fountains and sadly one of the fountains has already been vandalised, however there are still a few around the town to see!











Finding the algorithm of love – Friday night film in Nyon – “Love and Engineering”

The opening film at this year’s Visions du Reel festival “Love and Engineering”, to be shown Friday 25th at 1930 at the Theatre de Marens and Saturday 26th at 1200 at the Salle Communale in Nyon, is a documentary about a Bulgarian computer engineer living in Finland who thinks he has developed a scientific formula which will provide seductive powers to those who apply it.
He explains the theory to his fellow (male) colleagues and lets them loose in and around the streets, nightclubs and cafés of Helsinki to test out his theories. His colleagues are a mixed bunch, from the silent, quiet types (who spend most of their time programming or playing video games and who are far more comfortable with a virtual world than a real one), to those who are slightly more adept in chatting to the opposite sex, but still haven’t found love and long term relationships have eluded them. image
There are some poignant, almost painful scenes in the film: men being rejected by women, men sat in cafés desperately trying to make conversation with a blind date, men telling jokes which don’t really make the women laugh. The experiment in using the formula for love continues – along with lots moments of levity including a moment when one lonely man says, “I don’t end a woman to do the cleaning, I have a cleaning robot to do that” yet there is also a profound sadness to the mens’ dilemma and their inability to find a soul mate.

Apart from the inclusion of one scene where we see a female professor chatting to the men, (she gives some sound advice to these men who are full of theories) we don’t hear from any other women in this documentary, we don’t hear their side of the story of what they felt on the blind dates or what they felt about the men themselves. This tactic only adds to the allusion that women are a mystery, this plus the emotive electronic music throughout makes it a fascinating film. Director Tonislav Hristov has found a winning formula with this documentary unlike his protagonists men who are still searching for the formula for love.

Visions du Réel programme revealed, tickets now on sale

The posters and signs for the Visions due Réel film festival have now gone up around Nyon and the festival programme has now been revealed.

Tickets to films are now available for purchase. The festival takes place  from the 25th April to the 3rd May. Printed programmes can be found around the town, in the tourist office etc.

A festival for the public, not just for the professionals  

If you have never been to this festival before, it is one of the major documentary film festivals in Europe and many film makers, programme buyers from TV stations  descend on Nyon for Visions du Réel.  It’s one of the busiest times for the town’s restaurateurs too! However, this festival is definitely for the general public as well and  it will also interest an Anglophone audience. Many films that are screened are subtitled in English and they are often shown twice throughout the festival.  Living in Nyon will be at the festival  (as in previous years) and we will reviewing some of the films on offer.

Visions du Reel 2014 Poster

This year, it’s a special  20th anniversary year for the festival and there will be lots going on including the installation of shipping containers next to the Salle Communale! These will be used to create a welcome centre for film festival visitors. There will be entertainment in the street provided by the theatre team that entertain the crowds at Paléo, there will be live music concerts and lots more!

Containers VDR

Opening film of festival on 24th April

The film that will be shown the night before the festival begins on the 24th April at 19:00 at the Thèatre de Marens will be “The Optimists”. This is the story of a female Norwegian volley ball team, where the age of the team ranges from 60 -98!  Find out what happens when they play in a competition against a Swedish male volley ball team of a similar age! See  this you Tube video here of the trailer of the film,   This avant-première is offered free by the town of Nyon and is usually very popular, so get your tickets and your seat early! 

Optimiste 2Optimists

More information to come on this festival nearer the time, keep watching this space!


Oscar winning film in English to be shown in Nyon and Aubonne this weekend and next Monday

Texas, la Traviata or a film about truth on the internet – Take your pick!

“Dallas Buyers Club”.   This Oscar winning film will be shown next week at both Nyon and Aubonne cinemas.

In Aubonne it will be shown in English on Saturday 8th March at 17:30, Sunday at 20:30 and  Tuesday at 20:30.  See Aubonne cinema site here.

Never been to the Aubonne cinema before? Read an article here about the cinema and its programme director and the cinema here in a Living in Nyon  article from July 2013.

Also at the same cinema on Monday 10th March at 20:30, the documentary  “Forbidden Voices” will be shown. This film was shown at the Visions du Réel documentary film festival in 2012 and was reviewed here on this site as a “must see” film.  The documentary follows three renowned female dissident bloggers from Cuba, Iran and China in their struggle to continue publishing the truth on the internet, despite state repression and persecution.

Trailer above from “Forbidden Voices”

Monday 10th March  Nyon Capitole cinema 20:30  “Dallas Buyers Club” as part of the Monday Movie  season   

Lead actor Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar last week for his role in the film as a rodeo-loving Texan who contracted AIDS and went on to help  gay patients and drug addicts desperate for treatment.  Jared Leto  also won an Oscar for best supporting actor for his role in this film.


Also 10th March at 20:30 in same cinema (in 2nd screening room) in collaboration with *Visions du Réel, Nyon’s upcoming documentary film festival, the film “Traviata et Nous” – “Becoming Traviata” in English/French. Documentary shot over two months in Spring 2011 about the making of a production of “La Traviata”   The film chronicles the rehearsals of the Verdi opera at the Aix-en-Provence Festival.  See trailer below.   *More details on the special anniversary edition of Visions du Réel coming up here on this site.   For more upcoming films at Nyon cinema see here 

Festival dates for 2014, Roadworks in Nyon centre for 5 months, plus other news.

Here is a handy list of dates of the five main festivals taking place in the Nyon area in 2014. The season kicks off with the winter mini rock festival Les Hivernales, followed in April by the documentary film festival Visions du Réel.

Caribana, the first of the summer festivals takes place in June, (note: the band Queens of the Stone Age will be playing at this festival on Thursday 5 June). Paléo, the major rock festival in town is in July and the line up will be announced on Tuesday 1st April. The festival season finishes with FAR, the festival of living arts.

Dates for diary

Roadworks near railway bridge in Nyon. There will be roadworks in the centre of Nyon beginning  Monday 13th January lasting for approximately five months. These roadworks will be near the roundabout under Nyon railway bridge.  These roadworks are part of a long  term project to improve traffic flow and to help users of the public transport system (particularly the bus network). Some roads will be closed off to cars and some bus stops will move to a different place. See map below of the new changes. More details can be found on the Nyon council site .


 Decision on show with controversial performer to be made next week.

The decision to on whether to let Dieudonné, the French stand up comedian perform in Nyon at the Théâtre de Marens will be taken by Nyon council next week. The performer is scheduled to perform here from the 3rd to the 5th February. Dieudonné’s shows have recently been cancelled in France (see article in the Independent newspaper here) having being labelled as ‘antisemitic’ and at the moment Nyon is one of the remaining venues still scheduled on the performer’s itinerary. In the light of  possible public disorder, and the show attracting demonstrations from various protest groups, the council will announce their decision on the situation on Tuesday.