Final day of Festival – From Austin to Boston and closing ceremony


It is the final day of the Visions du Réel festival today, the closing ceremony will be this evening and prizes will be awarded to the winning films in the different categories of the festival. If you haven’t had the chance to see any films over the festival period, five of the winning films will be shown tomorrow, Saturday […]

Muchachas – Maids from Mexico – Their side of the story – Screening Thursday 23rd at 20:00


Here are four film reviews from film student Fanny Leyvraz. The first, “Muchachas” comes highly recommended from both Fanny and Living in Nyon.  This film focusses on the relationship that household maids in Mexico have with their employers and the families they work for. Yesterday, at the Nyon film festival, one of the maids was given the opportunity to speak […]

From Cuba, to Israel and Argentina – three documentaries today


Visions du Réel Day 6! Here are three films reviews from Visions du Réel, two by Trish Thalman and one by Fanny Levraz. Two of the films, Women in Sink and Nosotros Ellas are about women, the first, “a vivacious, warm hearted funny film” and the other is “a breath taking close up of womanly lives”.  The Enemy is about the mosquito, a documentary filmed in Cuba, a […]

The Complex Colours of Egypt – The Tent Makers of Cairo

the-tentmakers-of-cairo (3)

A fascinating insight into the life and work of artisans in Egypt     Screening today  -Tuesday 21st April at 18:30 at the Grande Salle Colombière and Wednesday 22nd April at 12:00 at the Salle Communale.  Tickets and info here “You can’t buy thousands of dollars of fabric and give a needle and thread to […]