Cardigans to play at Caribana, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Parov Stelar and more

Caribana has announced the line up for this year’s festival which will take place along the lakeside near Crans près Celigny from the 3rd to 7th June 2015.

Caribana 2011 Ist night Crowd

Photo above – Caribana, by the lake and under the trees. C Nelson-Pollard

Among other artists scheduled to play at this summer festival are Swedish band “The Cardigans”, see video below of their 1998 hit “My Favourite Game” from their album Gran Turismo.

The Cardigans

Photo above – The Cardigans, courtesy Caribana

Also on the programme are Kill it Kid, Marilyn Manson, Metronomy, Ben l’Oncle Soul, see video below of track “Hallelujah!” and Austrian band Parov Stelar with a mix of pop, soul, jazz and swing. See video below with their track “Jimmy’s Gang”.  Full line up here.

Parov Stelar

Photo above – Parov Stelar Band, courtesy Caribana

Tickets now for sale. Note: There are early bird prices on offer for Feb/ March and in April/ May.

Let’s hope the weather is warm and cardigans won’t be needed to watch The Cardigans!   More on Caribana and the other bands coming up on this site.

The Cardigans – “My Favourite Game”

Parov Stelar – “Jimmy’s Game”

Ben l’Oncle Soul – “Hallelujah!”

Festival dates for 2014, Roadworks in Nyon centre for 5 months, plus other news.

Here is a handy list of dates of the five main festivals taking place in the Nyon area in 2014. The season kicks off with the winter mini rock festival Les Hivernales, followed in April by the documentary film festival Visions du Réel.

Caribana, the first of the summer festivals takes place in June, (note: the band Queens of the Stone Age will be playing at this festival on Thursday 5 June). Paléo, the major rock festival in town is in July and the line up will be announced on Tuesday 1st April. The festival season finishes with FAR, the festival of living arts.

Dates for diary

Roadworks near railway bridge in Nyon. There will be roadworks in the centre of Nyon beginning  Monday 13th January lasting for approximately five months. These roadworks will be near the roundabout under Nyon railway bridge.  These roadworks are part of a long  term project to improve traffic flow and to help users of the public transport system (particularly the bus network). Some roads will be closed off to cars and some bus stops will move to a different place. See map below of the new changes. More details can be found on the Nyon council site .


 Decision on show with controversial performer to be made next week.

The decision to on whether to let Dieudonné, the French stand up comedian perform in Nyon at the Théâtre de Marens will be taken by Nyon council next week. The performer is scheduled to perform here from the 3rd to the 5th February. Dieudonné’s shows have recently been cancelled in France (see article in the Independent newspaper here) having being labelled as ‘antisemitic’ and at the moment Nyon is one of the remaining venues still scheduled on the performer’s itinerary. In the light of  possible public disorder, and the show attracting demonstrations from various protest groups, the council will announce their decision on the situation on Tuesday.

Meet former greats of Swiss football tomorrow at Caribana – Workshops for budding footballers

Tomorrow it’s Caribateens over at the Caribana grounds. This day is dedicated to teenagers, with music and activities laid on read all about them, ticket prices, etc here Also on the grounds tomorrow, Patrick Müller and Pascal Zuberbühler, two former greats of  Swiss football, will be putting in an appearance. It’s a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with great champions!

Patirck Mueller

On 9 June, the day after the Switzerland v Cyprus World Cup Qualifier, Patrick Müller and Pascal  Zuberbühler (“Zubi”), two major stars of Swiss football, will be at the Caribana Festival. This will be a unique opportunity for the public to meet them and to take part in training exercises prepared specially for the occasion by Patrick Müller, one of the most gifted Swiss footballers of his generation. The workshops will be open to budding footballers of all levels. “Zubi”, the former Swiss national  goalkeeper and six-time Swiss champion with Grasshopper Club and FC Basel 1983, will be putting his gloves back on for the penalty shoot-out exercises. The girls of top Swiss women’s league side FC Yverdon Féminin will also be at the festival, giving valuable tips on ball control and juggling.

Patrick Müller was a classy defender with great finesse who won 81 caps for Switzerland. He  currently works in UEFA’s commercial operations unit and has the pleasure of training the  organisation’s women’s team. He is a big supporter of the UEFA European Women’s Under-17  Championship, which takes place on 25 and 28 June at Stade de Colovray in Nyon.  More information on the UEFA European Women’s Under-17 Championship is available on UEFA’s website.



Caribana day 2: More sun, crazy potatoes and English bands

Caribana Day 2 reviewed here by Jonas Parson – Jonas is studying at the University of Lausanne and has written various festival, band and  music reviews  for this site.

All photos by Jonas.

Although Caribana has a somewhat long tradition of inclement weather during the festival, it looks as though the curse has been broken after a second day of fantastic weather on the Crans lakeside. The grounds filled up gradually, as more and more people arrived to chill out and watch their favourite bands. Spirits were high as people were glad to enjoy the sun at last and sit down in the grass for a drink, some music and something to eat.

The grounds are really small at Caribana, set on the lakeside with an amazing view of the lake from two of the bars, amidst trees- some of which are actually used to hold up f the lighting!  consequently, it feels really cosy.


But the price to pay for such nice settings is getting here- especially if you have to come by bus. The timetables are rather limited (two buses an hour from Nyon) to get there, and it’s even worse coming back! Riding to the festival was quite an experience – even more so as we haven’t gotten use to the warmth yet, and a quarter of an hour of stuffy jam-packed bus ride wasn’t exactly what anybody was looking for!


Taking photos in a crowded bus is quite a challenge!

But what the festival lacks in organisation- you can feel this is a tiny festival, nothing on the scale of Paléo for example-, it makes up for with the settings and very tranquil spirit. This makes for a very composite crowd, families with small children, youngsters roaming around (well, roaming might not exactly be possible at Caribana, say strolling), and festival goers in their twenties – the natural fauna of a festival?- to older folk, here for a nice night out with friends. This unique setting tends to make people quite attached to this little festival, and the faithful are here every year.

If you get lost or need some information, these helpful helpers will help you find your way with a smile. Strolling around the grounds, they are easily recognisable by their trendy orange waistcoats.

Orange jackets  1


They’ll even tell you when you can get a bus!

This year’s must in term of food are these crazy potatoes- basically a long crisp rolled around a stick. Delicious and rather cool looking!

Crazy pots upside

 But the success of a festival is most importantly made by the people, not by the food stalls, (although there are quite a few really nice ones, including a delicious bruschetta bar), so here’s the portrait of a couple of people met on the grounds.

First of all, Petros, this lively young man originally from Zambia has been living in Switzerland for 6 years, and spends the festival season going around Switzerland selling hats and sunglasses- the typical festival stall. Last week was Festineuch, then there’ll be Greenfield, before Montreux Jazz and Paleo in July. What a life! Dancing and saluting passers by in front of his stall when he wasn’t selling a pair of bright pink sunglasses, he was slightly critical of the music coming from the stage, although it didn’t stop him from dancing to it.

Petros zoomed

Valerie and Pierre-André came all the way from Fribourg to watch Archive – Pierre-André had seen them in Cannes this year and wanted to take his partner to see them, even in crutches, as this was Archive’s only concert in Switzerland! They really enjoyed the unique atmosphere of this small festival, and were appreciating the view over the lake when I met them. Regular festival goers, they then choose the night they’ll come on depending on the line-up. They were really impressed with how well they were welcomed and helped, what with the crutches and all.


Pierre-André and Valerie

Spread out in the grass, a cloth bag on his head, Jorisse was hard to miss, in a very festivalish attitude. Come from Yverdon with Marion to see The Heavy, it was his first time at Caribana, and he was really enjoying the atmosphere of the small festival. Marion suggested that there should be a holiday after each festival, as getting up next morning was always a bit of a challenge…


 The evening kicked off with “Take Me Home”, a pop band from Geneva. The three musicians were quite energetic, even though the crowd wasn’t very big and a lot of people were just sitting around having a drink. But by the time 77 Bombay Street came on stage on the main stage, the grounds were full and people were pressing forward to watch the Swiss German quartet of brothers. In their trademark uniforms, and with lots of punch they charmed their audience with all of their most famous songs, from “Up in the Sky“, to “47 Millionaires” and “I love Lady Gaga”. Although the crowd was quite calm to start with, everybody was clapping to the music at the end of the concert, and the most dedicated fans at the front were dancing about. The band thanked the crowd and promised they would be back soon!


Next on was Andy Burrows. This multi-talented musician from Winchester (he started of as a drummer, and plays the drums for We are scientists, but also plays solo as a guitarist and songwriter) delivered his folky indie-pop for the delight of the crowd in front of the scène du lac. He made everyone happy, from the enthusiasts who wanted to dance, to the people who were glad to be able to sit down and have a bite while listening to some nice music- neither too calm as to make you fall asleep, nor too loud to make it impossible to have a chat. Burrows himself was quite lively, never standing still – as you can see on the photo below, he even played while standing on one foot for some reason!


Andy Burrows, the flamingo musician

The crowd had grown constantly since the beginning of the evening, and it was now hard to make your way through the festival, zigzagging between people sitting down or queuing for food. By the way, you can always tell when you’re in a festival in Switzerland. It’s that place where you can still get to eat a raclette and see people walking around with bottles of Swiss wine and wine glasses.


As there are only two stages on the grounds, the schedule is quite tight- one band at a time playing alternately on the main stage and the “lake” stage. Night was falling as Archive walked on stage, with their new and charismatic young vocalist, who brought soul touches to the trip-hop of this British band. Starting off with three of the band on the keyboards, and quite a melodic tune, they then went on to some heavier stuff, to the delight of the crowd gathered to see them.



Never too young for a festival! A lot of kids came to watch the music with their parents, enjoying the sweet stall on site and watching the music as best they could, whether on the shoulders of their parents or sitting on a rubbish bin.

IMG_7856 IMG_7892 IMG_7801

 As the night fell, I came across two kids fast asleep next to their mother, lying down on a rug behind the crowd in front of the Archive concert


The rouge FM bar even has a game of Just Dance! much to the pleasure and amusement of these ladies. Getting warmed up before the real stuff!



 What a better way to decorate the entrance to the toilets than to let some graffiti artists come and paint them?




The view from one of the lakeside bars


People sitting down for a bite-including a very well organised (oh so swiss!) festival goer

IMG_7815 IMG_7926



The lights play tricks on the crowd


Caribana Night 1- From Pimms to Pirates, Crowd surfing to Caipirinhas

skin zoomed in part 2

Photo above: “Skin” crowd surfing.

Caribana began in fine style on Wednesday night on the first night of the four day festival. The weather stayed warm and dry and the emphasis of the music was on rock, heavy rock, grunge and rock, rock and roll. Kill it Kid from Bath in the UK began the evening on the lake stage, followed by Motorhead an hour later over at the Grande Scène. Lead singer “Lemmy” Kilmister of Motorhead set the pace by shouting out to the crowd, “Is it loud enough for you?” before ramping up the volume. There were some in the crowd you thought it could have been even louder and that Lemmy was a tad subdued, nevertheless the band went on to play old favourites: “Ace of Spades” , “Going to Brazil” and other tracks from their new album.

“Occupy Taksim” sign in crowd

There was a brief moment when protesters in the crowd brought out an ” Occupy Taksim” sign (in reference to the recent unrest in Turkey) before they moved away from the crowd and to the side of the grounds.

Photo below of Pierre-Edouard and Maria, two Motorhead fans from Geneva. It was Pierre-Edouard’s 8th Motorhead concert!


After Motorhead, the rockers at the festival were there then left were in fine mood for Skunk Anansie who brought not only an impressive light show to their stage act, but an explosive energy to the Caribana grounds.  “Skin”  the charismatic lead singer is a consummate performer, and apart from a few technical issues at the start,  it was a good set, topped at the end by an impressive bit of  superb crowd surfing.

What’s new this year on the grounds?   – Bar on the beach. Opportunity to buy tickets to V.I.P bar.

There are the usual favourites this year at Caribana as in previous years – the Brazil bar with friendly staff serving Caipirinhas, the various other bars serving beer and wine. This year the theme and logo of the festival is “Pirate”s and  the beer glasses are emblazoned with pirate faces. There is also a Pimms stand in the centre of the eating and drinking area, so lots of choice for everyone.   There are the usual stalls selling  jewelry, hats and boots in case of bad weather. Note – this year false flooring has been placed around many areas on the grounds to prevent the ground turning into a quagmire. Also new this year, an  opportunity to buy categories of tickets to the festival, reduced, normal, golden and platinum. The latter two categories are more expensive  as they offer entrance tickets, 2 meals at the port of Crans, plus access to the VIP bar. See here for booking details-

New to La Platforme bar this year are steps going right down to the beach and lake, a sort of mini Cannes at Caribana. This bar is for 18+ only. The bar early on in the evening was a haven of peace away from the crowds, see photo below, but it became busy later on.

See some of the atmosphere of the first night in the photos below.  All photos C. Nelson-Pollard.

Also new this year, Caribana has a team of writers who are also writing in English, so you can read their observations about the other bands and the music played  last night on the Scène du Lac stage on the Caribana website.

On the line up tonight on Day 2  of Caribana – 77 Bombay St, Archive, Kaiser Chiefs, Take Me Home, Andy Burrows and The Heavy.




Motorhead drummer zoomed

Below –   The calm of the the Platform bar before the crowd arrived –  Steps leading down to the beach



Below – Pimms anyone?


Photo below Stall ready to serve lots of Caipirinhas



Boots in case of bad weather – thankfully the forecast is good for the next few days


 More photos of the evening from the lake stage – Kill it Kid, The Animen, The Coronas.





The Coronas zoomed