Welcome back


Welcome back. I hope you had a good Easter and you enjoyed the fine weather over the holiday period. There are many activities coming up on the local agenda which I will be featuring on here over the next few weeks. Last Easter weekend CGN (the ferry company) changed its schedule to a Spring time […]

Where to ski and how to take great photos – All in English

The castle by the lake

If you are keen to know how to take a great photo like the one of Chateau Chillon below, then Alistair Scott the local author of The Greatest Photography Tips in the World ,will be on hand to give advice at the next Living in Nyon event this Thursday evening. He also will be garnering […]

Wakeboarding and windsurfing in Nyon, plus two festivals that start this week.

Who needs the sea when you have Lac Léman? Not only was there a windsurfer on the lake today in Nyon, but a wakeboarder too, both taking advantage of the strong breezes and glorious sun after the torrential downpours of yesterday. Folk queuing for the ferry got a fabulous view of these watersports enthusiasts weaving […]

Last weekend in Nyon

Happy music fans at the Fete de la Musique, a sea of orange down at the arena. There were lots of orange T shirts, balloons, and happy Dutch fans down at the arena on Saturday night lending a fun atmosphere to the game. Unfortunately the result didn’t go in their favour but the few Russian […]

Cafes, Restaurants, Shops, Clubs. My personal favourites

Cafés Appunto in Manor the department store in the centre of town. For a coffee, tea, sandwich, quick lunch (self service) Gets busy at lunch time with students. Bibliothee Update 12th October 09 Sadly Bibliothee has now closed its doors but the manager will be opening a new small coffee shop very soon. Watch this […]

Single and Living in Nyon?


Single Life in Nyon Being more in the “mother hen” category rather than the “spring chicken” one, I am not too knowledgeable on what the social life is like for a single person in living in Nyon. However I do know there are bars and clubs that people go to meet, such as: New (added […]

Wheels, Cars, Bikes

Wheels, Cars and Bikes If you’ve got a bike then you’ll need one of these. It’s compulsory and its called a “vignette” An annual licence which you buy from the post office. There are bike trails in the area and there are maps you can buy with them all marked on. Parking The main parking […]