Welcome back

Welcome back. I hope you had a good Easter and you enjoyed the fine weather over the holiday period.

There are many activities coming up on the local agenda which I will be featuring on here over the next few weeks.

Last Easter weekend CGN (the ferry company) changed its schedule to a Spring time table and increased the frequency of the crossings across the lake. April, May and June are often a good time to take a cruise, the boats are not as busy as later on in the year during the the main summer tourist season. Don’t forget if you have a demi-tarif (half price) train pass, it is valid for tickets on most boat journeys.

Still down by the lake, the Musée du Léman has a new exhibition called “Léman Maniac”, a varied selection of objects collected by the museum since 1954.

Next Sunday, the 19th April it’s open day at the Tennis Club of Nyon from 11:00 onwards. On this day you can test the courts out and have a game for free. There will be a fashion show at 16:00, a bouncy castle for children, and the chance to test your tennis speed of service!

This Thursday 16th, the line up for this year’s Paléo music festival is released and tickets go on sale the following Wednesday 22nd at 12:00

Next week, the Visions du Réel documentary film festival comes to Nyon. I will be watching some of the films in advance and reviewing them on here, and giving you full details of when and where they are showing so you too, can go and see them.

This week’s Living in Nyon column on Friday in La Côte newspaper will be all about chocolate and what the dark stuff means to different nationalities. Check it out!

Finally, a bit of an advance warning, in May, this site will be one year old! Its hard to believe but it has been a full twelve months since it began in a small way with a just a bit of online information and news. It has come a long way since then so there will be a Living in Nyon event for readers to celebrate this, and as usual a special invitation and welcome to newcomers to Nyon. At this stage I am not sure whether it will be a pizza evening event, or a “drinks” evening and the date has to be confirmed but whatever it will be, it will be a celebration!

Where to ski and how to take great photos – All in English

If you are keen to know how to take a great photo like the one of Chateau Chillon below, then Alistair Scott the local author of The Greatest Photography Tips in the World ,will be on hand to give advice at the next Living in Nyon event this Thursday evening. He also will be garnering interest to see if there are enough keen photographers out there in the Nyon area to run a course on the subject in English, so come along and meet him to find out more.

Photo by Alistair Scott: Reproduced with permission.

If you are a newcomer to the area and love skiing there will also be someone who is passionate about the sport (he managed to ski every month last year) so he can advice on skiing locally and in the Alps.

Finally there will be a representative from the Oak Hill School of Nyon, this school is dedicated to supporting children with learning differences all in English, she will be there to answer any questions you have about the school.

And of course I will there too. A few readers have asked me the format of these evenings, so here’s the answer below.

Firstly, the evening is FREE! There is no entry charge, however as it is held in a café/tea room it would be much appreciated that you bought at least one or two drinks, whether it is a soft drink, coffee or wine etc to keep the owner happy, and for us to be able to continue in this lovely, cosy central venue.

Did you know you can borrow English books from the large range of books that are on the shelves around the café, and have a sandwich, soup or slice of quiche during the day too?

Secondly, although I ask experts in their fields to come along there is no “talk”, they are just making themselves available to give advice.

Thirdly, I don’t ask people to register in advance in order to turn up, but it helps with numbers if you do. Also if you have a specific question about Nyon that needs answering, then email me in advance cnp@bluewin.ch and I can try to get an answer for you by Thursday.

And finally, the event starts from 18:30 but come along when you want. I tend to introduce the “experts” to those there at around 19:00 and folk come and go until around 20:30. Even if you have lived in the area for a long time you are still welcome to come along to meet new faces.

I hope this answers your question and I look forward to meeting you.

Wakeboarding and windsurfing in Nyon, plus two festivals that start this week.

Who needs the sea when you have Lac Léman?

Not only was there a windsurfer on the lake today in Nyon, but a wakeboarder too, both taking advantage of the strong breezes and glorious sun after the torrential downpours of yesterday.

Folk queuing for the ferry got a fabulous view of these watersports enthusiasts weaving in and out between the jetty and the boats, then whizzing by on the waves with the backdrop of the town behind them.

Let’s hope the weather stays fine for the Jval Rock Festival. It starts this Thursday 14th August and goes on until the 16th. I have it on good authority that there are fabulous views to be had up from the venue which is on a private vineyard in Serreaux-Dessus just above Begnins.

The festival’s philosophy is to promote Swiss and French Music and this year there is a three day programme from Rock to Electro Pop to Jazz. One of the bands Mobile in Motion originates from Nyon so it’s a good chance to hear local music.

The festival started four years ago when two brothers (who live on the wine estate), invited their friends and a few bands to come and play. Such was its success they repeated it the following year. Now in its fourth year, the festival has its own website and has navettes organised from Gland to take music lovers up to the venue. Check out the programme for the full listing of bands. I have never been before but plan to this year as it looks great.

Photo below from last year’s festival (courtesy of Jval)

As there are just 400 tickets available for each night the festival will never become too big as space is limited by the area. Gaeten Fragnière who is part of the Javal team says; “The size means we will never lose our soul and we can keep it intimate”.

The age range of festival goers starts at around 18 -60, a healthy mix indeed. Why “Jval?” Well if you say it out loud it sounds like “horse” (cheval in French), a name that the organisers thought would be easy to remember!


You may have seen signs around town advertising a festival called F.A.R . This means “Festival des arts vivants” (festival of living arts). The festival gets under way today the 13th until the 23rd August with a full programme of artists who will perform theatre, music comedy, dance. in venues around the town. The Usine a Gaz is decorated up to welcome them. More on this festival in a next post.

Last weekend in Nyon

Happy music fans at the Fete de la Musique, a sea of orange down at the arena.

There were lots of orange T shirts, balloons, and happy Dutch fans down at the arena on Saturday night lending a fun atmosphere to the game. Unfortunately the result didn’t go in their favour but the few Russian supporters that were there, went home content.

During the day the fabulously hot weather brought out lots of townsfolk and visitors to the Nyon music festival with bands singing and playing across many venues.