Paléo Party in town on 18th July, Charging stations for Electric Cars in Nyon


As it is the 40th anniversary of Paléo this year, there will be a big free party for the public in Nyon on Saturday the 18th July. The celebrations will begin from 10:30 onwards with street theatre in the centre of the town. At 17:30, there will be bars and food available in the Place Perdtemps area with more street theatre […]

Nyon’s New Recycling Centre – Explanation of how it works


Nyon has a brand new recycling centre which was inaugurated a few weeks ago. This new centre has been designed to make the process of recycling more efficient and faster!  You no longer have to make tricky manoeuvres to get in and out out of a busy car park to recycle your household goods. To gain entry to the new centre, you need to use the official […]

Rubbish/ Trash – What, Where and When to Throw It in the Nyon area


Just in case you missed it (or threw it away by mistake!) did you know there is an official brochure which explains all about what you can throw out in the official rubbish/trash bags? Some of the items you can still throw out! (Jan 2015) Milk cartons, plastic vinegar bottles, plastic packaging, cat litter, nappies/diapers, yogurt pots, textiles […]

Have fun and discover local fauna and flora on the 25th of May! Get to know your neighbours on the 31st of May!


 Nature Celebrated in Nyon As part of the Nature festival, which will take place throughout Switzerland from the 24th to the 26th of May, the town of Nyon is organising a day of festivities around nature in the town. A photo contest called “Unusual nature in Nyon” will also take place. The area behind the […]