Living in Nyon editor featured in article on expatriates in l’Hebdo – Events coming up

Hebdo for Living in Nyon ps

   Photo above taken at the Bol D’or in 2007. This famous yacht race will take place this year from the 15 -15 June 2012 News – Living in Nyon was featured in the 10 May issue of the Swiss magazine l’Hebdo in a four page article called “Les Expatriés, Absurdes Boucs Emissaires” . In it, the article discussed the continued growth of […]

New Arrivals and Site News!

New Arrivals and “Living in Nyon” on the TV and in the newspaper! Hot news! Although “Living in Nyon” has been around for a while, it is only recently that I have concentrated on its publicity, and what a few weeks it has been because of it! The site has been featured in the newspaper […]