Nyon’s New Recycling Centre – Explanation of how it works


Nyon has a brand new recycling centre which was inaugurated a few weeks ago. This new centre has been designed to make the process of recycling more efficient and faster!  You no longer have to make tricky manoeuvres to get in and out out of a busy car park to recycle your household goods.

To gain entry to the new centre, you need to use the official key card (which was sent to all Nyon households – photo below) which opens an automatic barrier leading up a drive to the déchèterie.  The address is  Chemin des Marais 2, in the  l’Asse area of town. Head off towards the Paléo shop and turn right just shortly afterwards.


Opening times Monday – Friday  09:00 -12:00/ 13:30 – 18:00  Saturday 09:00 – 18:00


Cars line up and take their turn to recycle, however as you no longer need to separate glass bottles and containers into different colours ie: green, brown and clear glass, (you throw all the colours into one very big container) this speeds up the system considerably!



There are recycling bins for vegetable oil and other oils


You can recycle neon tubes, tools and some household goods


Note – for really big household items (encombrants) there are special collection days that have been allocated throughout 2015.


What is an encombrant? Essentially these are bulky items that are too big to go into a normal rubbish/trash bag, items that need to be crushed before incinerated. These tend to be objects such as rolls of carpet, mattresses, skis etc. Items that have a dimension greater than 60 cm. To see the dates of the special collection days in Nyon click here 

However some items are excluded from this special house collection: metal chairs, bikes, pans, etc and there is a recycling bin for them at the new centre. There is more information about recycling on the council website click here 


Electrical equipment must be returned to the point of sale.

Below – Place to return used batteries


Places for PET bottles and aluminium cans


Place for garden waste


Place for used clothes (these need to be tied up in a bag before placing them in the container). Clothes then go towards a charity which recycles them for future use. To find out more about this charity click here


Gourmet Tour of Nyon – New Guided Visit organised by Tourist Office

Nyon Tourism has recently added a new tour to its list of guided tours of the town and surrounding area. The “Gourmet Tour” aims to introduce visitors and newly arrived residents to locally produced food. The tour begins with a couple of “taster” stops at local businesses followed by a light meal with wine at a typical Vaudois restaurant.


The tour begins with an explanation by a tourist guide of the different varieties of fish that can be found in the lake and that can be consumed. This is then followed by a stop in a local butcher for a taste of dried meats and an explanation of the produce on offer, followed by a trip to the local cheesemonger with a tasting of a selection of local cheeses.



The trip then moves through the town with a short stop by the statue of Julius Caesar where you can hear about the kind of food that was eaten in Nyon during Roman times!


The end of the tour finishes in a local restaurant for a light meal and wine and a convivial atmosphere!  The tour runs every Thursday at 18:00 during May, June and September, reservations necessary (two days in advance). The tour costs 38 CHF and last approximately two hours and can be conducted in French, English, German, Swiss German, Italian and Spanish.


This tour is one of many others that Nyon tourism has on its itinerary, others include “Julius Caesar in Nyon”, “In the Traces of Tin Tin” tour, and more.  For more information, contact Heidi Müller at Nyon Tourism via email –   info@nrt.ch. You can contact her in English in your email.

VG individuelles flyer


Open House at the Geneva English School – Saturday 14th March

The Geneva English School, set in lovely grounds in picturesque Genthod with view of the lake and Mont Blanc, is holding an Open Day on Saturday 14th March from 09:30 – 12:00.

The school is a not-for-profit co-educational international school for children aged 3 to 11. The Open Day is is an ideal opportunity to visit the school, see the classrooms, talk to the headmaster and find out about the school’s curriculum which is based on the English National Curriculum and which includes a strong French programme for all groups throughout the week.

It’s also a good opportunity to check out the Library Learning Centre with its cosy new reading room which was opened by children’s author Anne Fine in October last year.  Register here


Photo above – A room with a view and a choice of children’s books!


Online reading and a cosy sofa!




Geneva English School 022

Geneva English School 021

Rubbish/ Trash – What, Where and When to Throw It in the Nyon area

Just in case you missed it (or threw it away by mistake!) did you know there is an official brochure which explains all about what you can throw out in the official rubbish/trash bags?


Some of the items you can still throw out! (Jan 2015) Milk cartons, plastic vinegar bottles, plastic packaging, cat litter, nappies/diapers, yogurt pots, textiles and clothes that are no longer wearable.

The brochure also lists the dates in 2015 on which some non-standard items will be collected from the kerb by the council and it explains how to recycle anything from Nespresso capsules to oil bottles, batteries and more. Note: batteries must not be thrown away in the trash/rubbish bags as they are highly toxic. They can be taken back either to the point of sale or the official eco-points, which can be found either at the déchèterie (official council rubbish/ trash dump) or at and outside many supermarkets. These eco-points are also listed on the council brochure.

Still not thrown away your Christmas tree?  Wednesday January 14th is the final date this year when natural (and probably very dry and dead!), Christmas trees will collected.

The official brochure that was distributed to all households in the Nyon area looks like this (see photo below) , but do not worry if you cannot find it, it is downloadable from the council’s website here.

Live outside Nyon or in a different town or village in Vaud? Type in “déchet/or déchets” into your local town, region or village’s website and you should be able to upload the official information. Make sure you put the acute accent on the é ! Some websites do not seem to recognise the word déchet without that accent…


Note: The 2014 Nyon council macaron (sticker/card) which you must display on your dashboard or on your windscreen to enter the Nyon déchèterie, is still valid for 2015 until the completion of the brand new Nyon déchèterie. This new dump will be situated in l’Asse area of the town and it should be ready in summer 2015.

Photos coming up soon of the “Three Kings” night in Nyon.




Seven days of music next year at Paléo!

The latest news from Paléo is that the music festival will run over seven days in 2015 to celebrate 40 years of the festival! To those new to Nyon and who have never heard of Paléo, it’s an annual event for the town and is one of the biggest rock, pop and music festivals in Europe.  Normally, for six days, the Paléo fields (just above Nyon) are rocking to the sound of music. Next year they will rocking for seven!

Paléo - Ist night 2011 M

There are lots of surprises planned for the celebratory year and they will be revealed at the line up on Tuesday April 14 2015. More details to follow