L’Elastique Citrique tours lakeside aboard ancient sailing boat next week- daily shows in ports.


“Famille de cirque” performing last year at Paléo

A year after performing at Paleo, L’Elastique Citrique, Nyon’s circus school will be going on tour next week down the Vaud lakeside. The circus troupe, made of about 20 artists who train at the circus school several times a week will be on tour for a week, but there’s a twist: they’ll be touring aboard a boat!

La Demoiselle is a replica of an old sailing ship that used to transport rocks from quarries on the lake during the 19th century. There are for ships of her kind sailing on Lake Leman, including the Neptune in Geneva. The boat is run by an association called “La barque des enfants”, and it is used for pedagogical outings and camps on the lake. La Demoiselle was built over 15 years in Montreux and Villeneuve by workers on the dole, and is now used by schools and groups. As the association has quite strong social values, the boat is offered to associations and groups for half the price it actually costs to sail her for a week (which is 10 000 francs!), and they make the missing money by also renting the ship out for private venues and corporate outings.

The ship itself is 30 meters long, weighs 75 tons, and has two large Latin sails. It is fully equipped with a kitchen, toilets and 24 beds.

shipcirque 2

Courtesy- Samuel Schlapbach


You may have seen the artists from L’Elastique Citrique at Paléo last year, clad in red, or performing in the streets of Nyon for Vision du Réel. This is part of their new project, “Famille de Cirque”, which is a much lighter project than past shows, and involves a lot of improvising and street theatre. For the tour, they have created a 40 minute show which they will play in the ports they land in along the lake. Using very little material (a large red circle, some juggling balls and two unicycles), they will offer a 360° show to the people come to see them. In the spirit of street performances, the show will be free, and the audience will be able show their appreciation of the show by slipping a few notes in the hats passed round at the end of the show. The show, called “La Vie en Rouge” [life in red, a pun on “La vie en Rose”, by Edith Piaf] will be all about relationships and passion. Why red, might you ask? Well, it’s the colour often associated to circus, and to different passionate feelings like love, anger… It is a recurring colour for L’Elastique Citrique.

cirqueship 1

Courtesy- Samuel Schlapbach


The tour will start on Sunday across the lake in France, in the private settlement of Port Ripaille, on the 14th of July. La Demoiselle will then slowly make her way down to Nyon via La Tour de Peilz, Morges, St-Prex, and Geneva. You can find all the informations about the tour (dates, locations and time of the shows) below. Nyon Région TV, Nyon’s local television chain has done a video on the tour, which you can watch here. (first five minutes)

You can come and see L’Elastique Citrique on the following dates:

15th July  – La Tour-de-Peilz – 20h30 at theBains-des-Dames
16th July – Morges – 20h30 at the Port du Petit-Bois
17th July – St-Prex – 17h et 20h30 at the  Place d’Armes
19th July – Genève – 20h30 near the Jet d’eau opposite the Pierres du Niton
20th July – Nyon – 17h and 20h30 near the crane (east side of Rive)

More music this weekend. Photo opportunities at at the Bol d’Or.

Bol D'Or - A

Although the Caribana festival finished last week, there is more music on the way as the first part of La Fete de la Musique will take part in Nyon on Saturday 15th June and on Sunday 16th in Prangins (part 2 will be next weekend).

Fete de la musique 2013

There’s a full programme of music on the agenda, bands and solo artists will be play in different venues around Nyon in the Place du Chateau, Place St Martin, Place de Savoie, Jardin du Conservatoire, Usine a Gaz, Rive Est and in the Temple. There will be music ranging from jazz to blues, rock , classical music, African music, funk and more. Something for everyone. Click here for the full programme and timings.  There’s a fantastic weather forecast for this week-end which is good news for those attending and for those playing in the festival!

Great photo opportunities at the Bol d’Or

The good weather is also good news for sailors who will be taking part in the 75th Bol d’Or. This famous sailing competition sets off at 10:00 from Geneva. Depending on the winds you can often see the boats sailing past Nyon around lunchtime on their way to Le Bouveret at the other end of the lake, it’s an impressive sight! There is a good overview here of the race, the trajectory the boats take on the water, and links to other information about the race itself. If you are really keen to capture more of the atmosphere of the race itself, it’s worth getting up very early and heading off to Geneva to be there at the start of it all (see photo below).

Start of Bol D'or

There are excellent views to be had of the early part of the race from the port of Corsier on the French side of the lake. This Living in Nyon photo in the header above was taken a few years ago from Corsier (and was used on the Bol d’ Or website).

Go On A Cruise On Lake Leman For Easter, Circus Workshop And Shows


Courtesy– cgn.ch

Easter Cruise On Lake Leman

Why not enjoy Easter Sunday on a cruise around Lake Leman, with a delicious meal prepared specially for the occasion! The menu costs 55.- per adult and 27.50 per child (6-12 year old).

Phone +41 (0)848 811 848 to book.

For the complete menu, see here



Circus Workshop During Easter Holidays

Looking for something to do for your kids this Easter? L’Elastique Citrique, Nyon’s own circus school proposes week-long workshops during the Easter holidays. Come and learn how to juggle, ride a unicycle, walk on a tightrope or climb on a trapeze throughout a week of fun and discovery. There is room left for the afternoon (1 to 5 p.m.) workshop for 8 to 13 year olds on both weeks. You can find more information and book here.



Circus Starlight In Geneva With “Entresort”

Circus Starlight presents their new show, “Entresort” in Geneva, until the 7th of April. An “entresort” is a sideshow in old funfairs, where the public would continuously enter the attraction at one end and leave at the other, discovering some strange and mysterious act inside- hence the name, entre-sort (enter-exit). This show is a modern retelling of this attraction. On stage, numerous doors lead to as many different memories and moments from the past, full of nostalgic acrobats, clowns and entertainers. More information here



Circus Helvetia- Shows In Perroy And Mies

Take your kids to a circus show by one of the best Swiss Circuses, Circus Helvetia, for a moment of magic and amazement full of acrobatics, unicycling, juggling and aerial acts.

Circus Helvetia will be stopping in Perroy(near Morges) on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th, and in Mies(near Coppet) on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th. More information and more tour dates here.


Jazz Concert And Local Wine

Go and enjoy a nice glass of local wine under the Chateau de Nyon whilst listening to a piano, saxophone and clarinet trio on Thursday 28th March. The concert starts at 6.30 p.m., booking required. More info here.



Weekly Night Market In Coppet

Every Thursday from 4 to 9 p.m., local market in the port.


Music At The Church

Instrumental Ensemble “Le Choeur Brisé” (a pun on the broken choir/the broken heart) will be playing music by G.B. Fontana (1571-1630), with readings of sacred texts from different religious traditions on Friday 29th March at the Protestant Church in Nyon.(Rue du Temple, in the centre of Nyon). The concert is free and starts at 5 p.m.


Flea Market In Rolle

On Saturday 30th March, “A Coffre Ouvert”, the monthly flea market will take place around the Castle in Rolle. It’s the perfect occasion if the weather is good for a nice stroll along the lakeside in Rolle.


Dinner in France, digestif in Switzerland

Did you know that in the summer months it is possible to have dinner in Yvoire in France and you can still return to Nyon in Switzerland for a “digestif?”

If you take the 19:20 ferry from Nyon you can arrive in Yvoire just 20 minutes later in time for dinner, have a quick wander round the pretty medieval village and return to Nyon on the 22:00 boat (the last one of the evening) to round off the evening with a digestif in Switzerland.

Check out the Living in Nyon video below (just 41 seconds long)  of the wonderful Nyon skyline that greets you as the boat makes its return journey.  Listen to the captain announce  “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are arriving in Nyon, this is the last stop, we wish you a pleasant evening and most of all – sweet dreams”!

This video was taken on a warm summer’s evening although the sound of the flag blowing in the breeze makes it appear windier that it actually was! Note: it is best to make reservations for dinner in Yvoire, restaurants here can often be very busy. One of Living in Nyon’s favourites is the Hotel/Restaurant du Port in Yvoire at the waters edge and right next to the embarkation point. For CGN boat website and time table – click here.

Villa Niedermeyer is now officially open – Events on this weekend

The sound of jazz and classical music drifted over the lake on Tuesday evening as pupils from the Conservatoire of Nyon (COV) played at the official opening of the Villa Niedermeyer. This villa, which is situated next to the Villa Thomas (the current home of the Conservatoire) had remained empty for many years and it was becoming increasingly dilapidated. It was given a new lease of life when in 2010, the municipality gave the green light for the COV to renovate it and to use the premises. 

This Sunday there will be a “Fête d’inauguration” (opening party) for the public at the Villa Niedermeyer with events  taking place on the lake side and in the building itself.  Click here for the full programme  beginning at 10:00 and continung right through until 18:00. The weather is predicted to be sunny and hot on Sunday, a perfect opportunity to sit by the lake side and listen to music in this lovely setting. Louis Nidermeyer was a composer and musician and was born in Nyon in 1802 and died in Paris in 1861.

Flea market and country music

Meanwhile, for all brocante lovers on Sunday 26 June and further along the lakeside, it is the monthly flea market in Nyon.  See site here.

Also on Sunday over in the square by the Roman columns in Nyon, country music band “Tex Mäx” will be playing from 11:00 to 13:30 as part of the summer Sunday lunch concerts of the Association de la Place ds Maronniers. See their site here

Brazilian music tonight Friday 24 June

On Fri 24 June Brazilian music is on the programme at the 1306 club (the small private night club in the old town) with  “Miriam do Rio e convidados”.  More details here.  Entry is free – note there is a hat passed around for contributions for the performers at the end the evening.

On Saturday 25 June at the Usine a Gaz, it’s the end of year fete of ADAC (Académie des Art Creatifs) with performances by its pupils.  It’s an opportunity to find out more about the courses offered by the association. You can also read about them on their site (section here in English).

Sailing regattas on Tuesday nights in Nyon

The photo in the banner was taken from the lakeside on Tuesday night. Did you know that Tuesday nights are also “regatta nights” for Nyon’s sailing club?  On these nights in the summer season, you can see the yachts sailing and competing in competitions on the lake.  To find out more about Nyon’s sailing club see their site here

Open day weekend at the Clinique de Genolier and in the Commune of Trélex

The private hospital La Clinique de Genolier is having an open day weekend on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June. This hospital is situated above the village of Genolier and overlooks the valley below. You will be able to visit the operating theatre, see the rooms that are available for patients and observe workshops. For more information and times see here.

It’s also open day on Saturday in the commune of Trélex. From 13:30 to 16:00, the administrative offices and the salle de reception wil be open to the public.

Photography exhibition

The small photography gallery Focale  (in the corner of Place du Château), will be holding a vernissage on Friday  evening  24 June with a new exhibition at the gallery called ” Insomnies: rencontre en Palestine”. The vernissage will be at 17:30 in the presence of the photographer Reto Albertalli. The gallery is then open Wednesdays to Sundays 14:00-18:00.

Nyon’s Capitole Cinema

Finally this weekend, “Midnight in Paris” the film directed by Woody Allen (shown in the original version in English), is still on every day at 19:00. Films in French  are  “Handover Part 11″, “Kung Fu Panda 11″,  “Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides” and “Rio”.