Easter holiday suggestions in Nyon, from museums to church services, music and movies

Here are a few suggestions on what to do around the town over the next few days. 

Wander around Nyon and check out the fountains which have been decorated by local groups and associations. Also take a look at some of the lovely flowers around the area. Don’t forget the Tulip Festival in Morges.

Fountains- bird close up

Head off to the Musée du Léman by the lake side. It will be open all this Easter weekend from 10:00 -17:00 non-stop. This recently been renovated and is great for family visits. Read a review here on the Geneva Family Diaries blog. 

Fountains - Birds Close Up 1

Over at the Château de Prangins there is a new exhibition called “Paper Cuts”. This exhibition focuses on contemporary paper cuts and there will be demonstrations of paper cutting on Sundays from 14:30 to 16:30. Read all about it here (in English) on the museum’s own site.

Yellow flowers by lake

Sunday 20th April the CGN  ferry service will be offering special Easter lunches on board departing from various embarkation points on the lake. See here

Cinema  Nyon and Aubonne

The Monday movie in English at Nyon cinema at 20:30 will be “Nebraska”. This is the story of  a tempestuous Missouri father who’s convinced he’s won a million dollar magazine sweepstakes, and his son who grudgingly agrees to drive him to Nebraska to claim his winnings.


Aubonne – Saturday  19 April 17:30 and Sunday 20 April  at 20:30  The film “Her” starring Scarlett Johansson. Full cinema details here  


Folk/ Rock at the Parenthèse tomorrow night (22:00) by Californian singer Kalle Mattson

Church Services  in English

La Côte Church in Gingins –  Special services and times over the Easter Period   See here 

Westlake Church in Nyon –   See here

Sunset Jura Nyon yellow etc 020




Interview with Swiss Press Photographer of the Year – Two major Photo Exhibitions in Prangins

Tomorrow the 8th November two new major photo exhibitions will open both under one roof at the Château de Prangins; Swiss Press Photo 2013 and World Press Photo 2103.

In the Swiss Press Photo exhibition, over  175  photographers submitted 2, 825 images to the competition portraying momentous events from 2012. Swiss Photographer Laurent Gilliéron (who lives in a small village near Lausanne) won Swiss Press Photographer of the year 2012.  Laurent sent in a series of photographs documenting  the terrible bus crash that happened in the Valais on the 13th  March 2012.

Living in Nyon spoke to Laurent about the life of a photographer, and about this photo below, taken of the tunnel following the bus crash which occurred around 21:00. Dozens of rescue workers, eight helicopters and a dozen road ambulances were involved in the rescue efforts.


Swiss Press Photographer of the Year 2012  Photo © Laurent Gilliéron, Swiss Press Photo, Bus Crash, Sierre, Keystone, various newspapers.

“The  Tuesday of the crash it was actually my day off, but I received an sms around 22:00 that night from the police to say a major accident had happened inside a tunnel in the Valais. The details were unclear, I had no idea  it was a bus that had crashed or how many casualties there were, but I went straight to the scene.  There were only three other photographers there that night, myself working for Keystone agency, a photographer from Le Nouvelliste  (the newspaper from the Valais), and another agency photographer.  We all know each other, the world of Swiss press photography is small. There is no doubt that what we all saw and experienced that night will probably never leave any of us. It was very moving.  However for me, as a father, it was the press conference that was held in a tiny room at 06:00 in the morning that was probably the most upsetting. When they announced that 22 children had died out of a total of  28 passengers, that of course was very, very sad and hard to take in.

As to the photo itself, I took it standing on on a very small bridge. I knew that the images of the rescue helicopters would be better taken from inside the tunnel rather than from outside as it was still dark and you couldn’t see much.   I started this photo reportage at 22.00 on Tuesday and I didn’t get home until  the following Friday, there was obviously a lot of follow up work, more press conferences and the continuing  clear up after the accident.

As to my daily life as a photographer, the work is extremely varied – one day I can be working from 10:00 – 16:00 on a job and the next from 07:00- 24:00.  I  do have one fixed day off a week at least. I am often home late after sports fixtures, particularly with football matches as they are played in the evening. Having said that, even though these make long days, I like sports and live events photography. It’s completely unpredictable  and you get no second chance.  Portrait photography interests me too – but here you have time to set the scene in these kind of photos, and you can alter the lighting and the positions of the subjects.


Photo above: Laurent Gilliéron –  Photo crédit Keystone/Valentin Flauraud

Working as an agency photographer means I am more or less responsible for my own programme in my area. I find out what is happening in the news the following week and plan where I am going to be.  I think one of the good things about working as an agency photographer in Switzerland is that I am salaried, that means I don’t get paid per photograph. Perhaps this is why you will  often find Swiss photographers working well together, there’s a camaraderie. We are not battling each other for the best shot which can happen in other countries. We obviously keep any tip offs or future ideas to ourselves, but once we are all on the scene we are in it together”.

You can see more of Laurent’s photos  in the exhibition which runs from the 8th November 2013 until the 2nd March 2014.

Also, check out these photos by other photographers in the Swiss Press Photo 13 exhibition. These photos below shows a competitor in the ” XSpeedSki”  race  ready to ski down the steep Mont Fort’s slope meet at Verbier and another with Roger Federer trying to avoid a wasp during a practice session prior to a Davis Cup encounter between Switzerland and the U.S in Fribourg on February 9, 2012.  .

Note: this World Press Photo exhibition is a travelling exhibition and will only be in Prangins until the 1st December 2013. The Swiss Photo exhibition will remain until the 2nd March 2014. The museum is open from  Tuesday to Sunday,  10:00 to 17:00

Ski suit

 Photo above  from the Sports category  © François Schaer, Swiss Press Photo, Xspeedski, La Cité

Switzerland's Davis Cup team member Roger Federer brushes a wasp away during a practice session in Fribourg

 Photo above from the Sports Category © Michael Buholzer, Swiss Press Photo, Roger Federer and the wasp, Reuters, various newspapers.


A Bird’s Eye View of Paléo and Nyon

Living in Nyon took to the air on Tuesday with pilot Marcel Briand to get a bird’s eye view of Paléo and of  the town of Nyon.  Take a look at these photos of the festival, the stages and the campsite which were taken early in the afternoon. There are not too many people near the main stage at this time – a complete contrast to the evening when the area is  packed with music lovers, particularly so on Thursday night for both the Dub and Santana concerts.  Review of Thursday coming up.

Also below see  photos of  Nyon from above, the castle, the boats in the harbour and check out the colour of the lake!

Nyon Paléo from the air 047

Photo above – Before the crowds arrive – The  main stage – the Grand Scène

Nyon Paléo from the air 017

Close up on just one area of the massive campsite

Nyon Paléo from the air 028

Photo above – More of the campsite and the car parking area

Nyon Paléo from the air 058

Above the Village du Monde area and the Dôme tent, this year the place for music from the Indian Ocean

Nyon Paléo from the air 023

The Dome plus the main stage

Nyon Paléo from the air 034

Behind the scenes of the Les Arches stage. See the infrastructure needed to put on a concert!  Apologies for the not-so sharp-images. It’s not easy keeping the camera still when you are high up in a plane and leaning out over the scene in the wind!

Nyon Paléo from the air 037

The Club tent, Les Arches and the Dome tent.

Nyon Paléo from the air 060

The “Birdland” structure seen from above

Nyon Paléo from the air 002

Above the outskirts of Prangins

Nyon Paléo from the air 076

Above Nyon

Nyon Paléo from the air darkened 1


Nyon Paléo from the air 073


Nyon Paléo from the air 074

Nyon Paléo from the air 078

The boats in Nyon harbour

Nyon Paléo from the air 086

The CGN ferry coming into port


Nyon Paléo from the air 096

Pilot Marcel Briand

Spring has sprung in Nyon, La Côte region featured in the FT plus CHF 48 million house,

Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 049

Spring has finally sprung in Nyon and last Sunday locals, tourists (and lake birds !) were out and about in the sunny weather. Take a look at a selection of photos taken around the town at the week-end.

Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 057

Nyon and La Côte region were mentioned in the property section of the Financial Times on May 3rd, see article here, however one sentence in the article –  “prices for  property in Le Parc de la Serine, situated close to the town begin at CHF 338,000″ is slightly misleading.  These new build apartments are not actually in Nyon but in the commune of Vich , approximately two kilometres away. Vich is in the district of Nyon but it is a commune and has a syndic (mayor) of its own.  Its residents are called “Les Vichois” “Les Vichoises”.

House Worth a lot ..

The CHF 48 million house for sale in Prangins that is also mentioned in the article can be seen across the water from Nyon (see photo below). The original owner of the house was Jean-Philippe Worth, son of Charles Frederic Worth the fashion designer. The “House of Worth” brand was revived in 1999.  See article here   Lady Gaga has been seen wearing Worth clothing  There are more photos of the property here for those who may be interested in buying it (or are simply curious)

Worth house zoomed

Date for your diary – There will be a big naval parade in Nyon on Sunday 19th May, if the weather stays fine this will be a fabulous event and make a great day out for all the family – details coming soon.

Photo below – Swan with eggs by the lake.

Swan with eggs zoomed

 Photo below –  Getting ready to sail

Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 030

Photo below – Rollerblading at the park

Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 053

 Photo below – Conversation in the sun

Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 060

Photo below- Getting the boat ready for the sailing season

Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 064

Photo below – Eating al fresco finally!Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 075

Photo  below – Visiting  tourists Namir and Obid from Marakech

Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 069

Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 071

Aubonne Cinema and Nyon by lake May 2013 062

Soul, Hip Hop band tonight at Usine a Gaz, “Featherlike” at La Parenthèse, Swiss Press Photo 2012 finishes 24 Feb.


Photo above – from Swiss Press Photo 2012 exhibition in Prangins. Courtesy – Château de Prangins

Here are a couple of selection of music events coming up this weekend in Nyon.   Also on the 28th Feb, it’s the start of Les Hivernales music festival  in venues around the town- see website here (more on this on this site soon).

Friday 15th Feb

“Less is Groove.”, the Lausanne based hip hop, soul group are due to play at the Usine a Gaz in Nyon tonight  Friday 15th February –  Doors open 21:00. Concert at 21:30  See the band’s own website to hear their music.  CHF 15 entry. See Usine for Saturday night music.

Over at the Parenthèse in the old town of Nyon, the band “Featherlike”  are  on the line up for tonight 15th Feb.  See their website here and to listen to their single “Moon Over Berlin”. Free entry. Photo below – courtesy “Featherlike”.


Photo Exhibition – Temporary Exhibition finishes on the 24th February 

The Swiss Press Photo 2012 Exhibition  continues in the Chateau de Prangins until the 24th Feb. This exhibition presents the best works of Swiss press photographers to the public. An international jury will name the best photographs in six different categories, as well as a winning image. Around 90 photos on the topics of Current Events, Sport, Portrait, Foreign, Everyday and Environment, Art and Culture will be shown.

The other main exhibition in the castle ” C’est la Vie” – Swiss Press photography since 1940, continues until the 19th May.

For full details see website here.