Useful Swiss Consumer Programme – From Scams to Dried mushrooms, Toothbrushes and Tea.

Divonne and Food Products 018

If you are interested in consumer issues and want to know more about the products you buy here in French speaking Switzerland, it’s worth taking a look at the weekly television programme called ABE (A Bon Entendeur) presented by Manuelle Pernod and broadcast on Tuesday evenings on RTS1 at 20:10 A regular look at the […]

Living in Grandvaux and planning strategies for companies – Interview with U.S author Woody Wade

Wade 2011 portrait

Woody Wade is a futurist and author. In his role as a consultant to Swiss organisations planning their future strategies, his role is to help them visualise how their business environment might change, depending on how trends and uncertainties unfold over the next few years. “I help managers of companies get ready for changes they […]