Strong Winds and Sirens today! Ferries cancelled

There is a strong Bise wind forecast for today Wednesday 4th February and tomorrow Thursday 5th February 2015.  CGN, the lake Geneva ferry company have cancelled all ferry crossings for these two days. See here

Nyon in the ice 2012 Bench



The strong wind can often whip up a storm across the lake and create some interesting ice formations!

Sirens today at 13:30

A reminder that as this is the first Wednesday in February, it’s the day when all Sirens across Switzerland are tested. This will happen at 13:30 today.You are not required to  do anything during this time. You can read an explanation of this annual testing on the Swiss government website here



20,000 residents now in Nyon/ First Class carriages on St Cergue-Nyon train.

Living in Nyon has been skimming through the back copies of La Côte newspaper to catch up with the local news. Here is a small and eclectic selection of news items and information from the last few months. Don’t forget, there is a Living in Nyon English column every Wednesday in La Côte newspaper. It can be found in the inside of the front page of the newspaper

20,000 residents

Nyon Paléo from the air 076

In December 2014,  a small ceremony was held in Nyon to welcome its 20,000th resident. The ceremony, attended by Mayor Daniel Rossellat and Mr Claude Uldry, (municipal in charge of contrôle des habitants), welcomed Filipe Mathez, the 20,000 resident to the town.

Nyon has seen a substantial growth in its population over the past few years. In 1989, there were just 13,306 residents and 15,000 in 1995. According to the local authorities, Nyon is expected to have 24,800 residents by 2020.

Passenger Submarine under the Lake! 

Did you know that at la grande Expo 64″ (the 5th national exhibition in Switzerland in 1964), one of the main attractions of the exhibition was a massive mésoscaphe/ submarine ? This submarine took paying passengers and members of the public on trips under Lac Léman!  Sadly, this submarine is no longer operational, but you can discover more about it, see the publicity posters for these underwater trips, see the inside of a mésoscaphe and learn lots more about life on and in the lake itself at the museum.   See website here (info is in English)



Note –  there will be a presentation to the public on Monday 2nd March 2015  at 2015 to show the plans for the projected extension to this museum.  There has been some controversy over the design of this planned extension. Take a look at the designs entered into the competition here  and see the proposed winning design here. What do you think of this design? You can have your say at the presentation.

First Class Carriages due on Nyon – St Cergue train line

First class carriages are planned to be installed on the Nyon- St Cergue train line by December 2015.

Red train

“Aunt Agatha” biscuits now made in Nyon! 

“Tante Agathe” biscuits, the  Swiss biscuit company, celebrated its 60th anniversary last year and has now moved its production from Lonay to a factory on the route de Stand in Nyon.

Info from other news sites –

With the ski season well and truly upon us, Swiss Info (the international service of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) asks the question “Are Swiss Ski Slopes too fast?” See video here. 

 Go Junking/ Brocante hunting with Lisa!

Are you a collector of brocante/ antiques and do you enjoy enjoy bargain hunting when looking for second hand items?  Looking to meet some new people?

Bakelite radios flea market GL

Then you might be interested in Lisa’s “junking+ mornings and days out in Geneva. See details here

 The Nursery and Playroom at Geneva Airport

The website called Lausanne Mom has recently updated one of its articles on the Nursery and Playroom at Geneva Airport. This is a useful article for parents who are travelling with young children and flying out of Geneva!

Latin music tonight and “Free Running” in Nyon


Despite it being wet and miserable today, there will be a tropical feel to Nyon tonight (16th January) as “Nolosé” a salsa/ latin  band will be playing at the Usine a Gaz and bringing the sounds of Cuba and Puerto Rico to the town. Free entry  – doors open at 2100. See here    See their video below.


If you prefer your live music to be less energetic (and to sit down to listen to it!) there will be ballad/ guitar music at the 1306 club in the old town of Nyon. See here

If you prefer your music in the style of 80’s electronic/ pop, then check out British artist C.A.R. playing at the Parenthese tonight See here

For those who like classical music, there will be a Sunday afternoon piano recital at the Conservatoire next weekend (25th  January) See here 

Finally, take a look at this video of the Flow Movement Crew, “Free Running” around Nyon.  Living in Nyon will be interviewing these guys at some stage in the future, they obviously don’t let the dark winter days stop them from getting out and about!  You will see some familiar local sights in the video.

Cake and Three Kings parade in Nyon today – for children and families.

New Year's Eve and Three Kings C


New Year's Eve and Three Kings 049

Every year on the 6th January, there is a “Galette des Rois” parade through Nyon to celebrate Three Kings Day. The parade start outside La Combe shopping centre and follows the “Three Kings” through the top end of the old town in Nyon, finishing in the Place du Château. Children carry lanterns or candles, and the parade is accompanied by a “Fanfare”  (brass band music).  At the end of the parade, children and adults will find an enormous cake (the Galette des Rois), waiting for them in the castle square. This has been baked and donated by the bakers of the region and is then served up to members of the public.  It’s a fun thing to experience, but wrap up well! The parade starts at 18:30 and can take a while to get going sometimes, however, hot drinks are often available at the end of the parade!

New Year's Eve and Three Kings A

New Year Swim in lake in Nyon on Sunday 4th Jan

If you are looking for a final bit of entertainment before the end of the Christmas/ New Year Holidays , check out the ” swimmers’ party” in the lake in Nyon on Sunday 4th January from 11:00. There will be vin chaud, soup and other surprises in store!  Members of the public can join in the swim if they dare! (registration on the day) . Details here

This event is organised by the members of the voluntary association of the “bains de trois jetées”. This association erects the small sauna by the lake each winter which is open to the public.