Easter holiday suggestions in Nyon, from museums to church services, music and movies

Here are a few suggestions on what to do around the town over the next few days. 

Wander around Nyon and check out the fountains which have been decorated by local groups and associations. Also take a look at some of the lovely flowers around the area. Don’t forget the Tulip Festival in Morges.

Fountains- bird close up

Head off to the Musée du Léman by the lake side. It will be open all this Easter weekend from 10:00 -17:00 non-stop. This recently been renovated and is great for family visits. Read a review here on the Geneva Family Diaries blog. 

Fountains - Birds Close Up 1

Over at the Château de Prangins there is a new exhibition called “Paper Cuts”. This exhibition focuses on contemporary paper cuts and there will be demonstrations of paper cutting on Sundays from 14:30 to 16:30. Read all about it here (in English) on the museum’s own site.

Yellow flowers by lake

Sunday 20th April the CGN  ferry service will be offering special Easter lunches on board departing from various embarkation points on the lake. See here

Cinema  Nyon and Aubonne

The Monday movie in English at Nyon cinema at 20:30 will be “Nebraska”. This is the story of  a tempestuous Missouri father who’s convinced he’s won a million dollar magazine sweepstakes, and his son who grudgingly agrees to drive him to Nebraska to claim his winnings.


Aubonne – Saturday  19 April 17:30 and Sunday 20 April  at 20:30  The film “Her” starring Scarlett Johansson. Full cinema details here  


Folk/ Rock at the Parenthèse tomorrow night (22:00) by Californian singer Kalle Mattson

Church Services  in English

La Côte Church in Gingins –  Special services and times over the Easter Period   See here 

Westlake Church in Nyon –   See here

Sunset Jura Nyon yellow etc 020




Easter Market on Sunday, Decorated Fountains around town

This Sunday the 13th April, it’s the Easter market in Nyon. There will be stalls in the Rive area of town and activities. Locally produced goods for sale from 08:00 to 18:30

Easter market 2014

Also check out the decorated fountains around Nyon, an annual tradition at this time of year. Photo below of a decorated fountain in 2013




Easter fountains 2012 A

More music this weekend. Photo opportunities at at the Bol d’Or.

Bol D'Or - A

Although the Caribana festival finished last week, there is more music on the way as the first part of La Fete de la Musique will take part in Nyon on Saturday 15th June and on Sunday 16th in Prangins (part 2 will be next weekend).

Fete de la musique 2013

There’s a full programme of music on the agenda, bands and solo artists will be play in different venues around Nyon in the Place du Chateau, Place St Martin, Place de Savoie, Jardin du Conservatoire, Usine a Gaz, Rive Est and in the Temple. There will be music ranging from jazz to blues, rock , classical music, African music, funk and more. Something for everyone. Click here for the full programme and timings.  There’s a fantastic weather forecast for this week-end which is good news for those attending and for those playing in the festival!

Great photo opportunities at the Bol d’Or

The good weather is also good news for sailors who will be taking part in the 75th Bol d’Or. This famous sailing competition sets off at 10:00 from Geneva. Depending on the winds you can often see the boats sailing past Nyon around lunchtime on their way to Le Bouveret at the other end of the lake, it’s an impressive sight! There is a good overview here of the race, the trajectory the boats take on the water, and links to other information about the race itself. If you are really keen to capture more of the atmosphere of the race itself, it’s worth getting up very early and heading off to Geneva to be there at the start of it all (see photo below).

Start of Bol D'or

There are excellent views to be had of the early part of the race from the port of Corsier on the French side of the lake. This Living in Nyon photo in the header above was taken a few years ago from Corsier (and was used on the Bol d’ Or website).

Spring Fair in Nyon this weekend/Intercultural event part 2

Spring watering cans

Although the weather is not entirely Spring like at the moment, the Spring Fair will take place in Nyon this Saturday 1st June. Stall  holders selling a variety of products will be in the town centre from 08:00 to 18:00

Also this weekend, it’s the second part of  “Interculturelle” . This initiative which  this year takes place over 2 separate weekends, aims to show the diversity of the different nationalities that live in Nyon and the area.  Last week, there was a Canadian pot luck supper organised in the Salle communale  followed by an Italian/ Kosovan evening, and this Sunday 2nd June there will music and traditional dancing from different countries performed down at the Rive (by the lake side) from 11:00 onwards.

Photo below, traditional dancing at a previous “Intercultural” event.

Interculturelle A




Have fun and discover local fauna and flora on the 25th of May! Get to know your neighbours on the 31st of May!

 Nature Celebrated in Nyon

As part of the Nature festival, which will take place throughout Switzerland from the 24th to the 26th of May, the town of Nyon is organising a day of festivities around nature in the town. A photo contest called “Unusual nature in Nyon” will also take place.

The area behind the station (where the “Roulotte” is) will be invaded by the local fauna and flora on Saturday 25th of May, from 10:00 to 17:00. Different recreational and educational workshops will be pffered to the public, in collaboration with Equiterre , an association which promotes sustainable development.


Learn how to grow vegetables on your balcony!

Passionate guides will show you how to grow a vegetable patch on your balcony, build a shelter for local animals (which might do them some good with the terrible weather we’ve been having lately…), or help develop the biodiversity in the town.

An urban safari will take you on a tour of Nyon’s hidden nature, local bee-keepers will be giving honey tastings, alongside several other activities. Musical interludes will punctuate the day. Don’t miss the Musical Salad at 11:00! Come and collectively prepare and enjoy a salad made from unsold products recuperated from supermarkets.

There will be games, exhibitions and more. You can find the whole programme here.

Most of the workshops and the urban safaris require booking. You can do this on the Equiterre website  and on the fête de la nature website, and on the day depending on availability.



Get to know your neighbours on the 31st of May!

The Fête des Voisins, which has become a classic all over Switzerland since it started a few years ago, is the best occasion to get to know your neighbours, have a nice time with the ones you already know, and make life in your neighbourhood livelier and more fun! This is also a great way to improve your French as practice makes perfect. So why not organise a party, a barbecue or a drink in your neighbourhood? You can find more information, including the forms to fill in to get free t-shirts, balloons and flyers to host a great event on the Nyon website.

“La fête des voisins- Immeubles en fête” started in Paris in 2000, and has since then spread all across Europe. Each year, several million people take part in this event. This year, 35 Swiss towns and villages will be celebrating friendly relationships between neighbours.

Here is a translation of the 10 tips for a great party, which you can find on the Nyon website

1: Get the poster/invitation leaflets for your neighbours

2: Put the poster up in the entrance if you live in a block of flats or slip the leaflets in your neighbours’ letterboxes if you live in houses.

3: Get together with some other neighbours to organise the day!

Don’t prepare everything on your own, but get involved with others. This is the best way to get the most people to come to the party. Preparing it together is already part of the event!

4: Find the right location.

Host the party in a public location (alley, courtyard, garden…), as this will be less intimidating for people who don’t know many of the neighbours. If you have any questions regarding security or anything else, don’t hesitate to call the town administration: (Nyon : 022 363 82 82 – Prangins : 022 994 31 27).

5: Get installed

Think about what you might need (tables, chairs) to install food and drinks and so people can sit down if they want to

6: Food and Drinks!

Try and get everyone to bring something for the party- but have things to drink and a few snacks.

7: Don’t forget kids and the elderly

Kids are always ready for some fun, don’t leave them out when you organise the event!

Older people aren’t usually used to these kind of events, and might not dare come. Try and encourage them to participate.

8: Decorate the party with tablecloths, balloons, posters… for a fun and friendly event

9: Most important of all: get to know each other!

On the day of the Fête des voisins, don’t stay on your own or with the people you already know: go and meet the other neighbours. Be the first to make contact, present yourself to others. Remember, the idea is to get to know your neighbours! Dont miss out on the occasion to get to discover other cultures, social origins or age groups!

10: This is only the start!

This event is a state of mind, a different way of seeing the town and the community, which can spread! Conviviality can produce common projects, better relationships, which can help to reduce isolation, anonymity and indifference, and make your neighbourhood a better place to live in.