“Et maintenant?” Big debate tomorrow in Nyon, Autumn Fair in Founex


Vision Nyon 2030 What will Nyon look like in 2030, when it comes to housing, living together and work opportunities? If these questions interest you, the City council in partnership with the economic magasine Bilan and Uni Global Union are hosting a big debate tomorrow morning Friday 19th of September, from 8:30 to  12:15 at […]

La Côte Personality 2012 Award, Les Hivernales Rock’n’Beat Festival this Weekend

Courtesy Samuel Fromhold -  André Rosé and Nuria Gorite, winners of the award

The La Côte  “personality of the year” Award  At the end of last year, the local newspaper La Côte decided to host a competition to elect the most influential personality of the year in the la Côte region. This competition was part of  the newspaper’s aim to establish its role as an important player on the […]

Interview with Daniel Rossellat, Mayor of Nyon and President of Paléo Festival


Photo above – Daniel Rossellat at Paléo 2102 Living in Nyon has begun a new series of interviews entitled “Afternoon Tea with…”  in which we interview local personalities from the Nyon and la Côte region. We find out a little bit more about the professional and personal lives of each individual over afternoon tea. Photo […]

Which way to vote? The political parties give their views


Which path to take?  Should you go left, right, through the centre, on the green grass or take the independent route? With the local elections just under a week away, Living in Nyon asked all the political parties to send in their views and standpoint on local issues. So if you have received your voting papers and are still unsure of […]

Local election time again in Vaud – A guide for those eligible to vote

Vote 1

   It can’t have escaped your notice that it’s local election time again as campaign posters from all the political parties spring up around the towns and villages of Vaud. The candidates that are putting themselves forward for the Nyon elections usually can be found  Place St-Martin (in the centre of Nyon) every Saturday morning. They are […]

Politics Evening and Wine Tasting in English


Response to the “Swiss Politics for Dummies” talk in English taking place on the 28th, has been incredible, so much so, a waiting list for the event has now been established. If you would still like to come, send an email to cnp at bluewin.ch and I will put you on the list and let you know if there are […]

The race is over and Rossellat romps home as Mayor


Lots of children waited in the crisp, cold sunshine on Saturday to run in the first of many races in Noviodurun. There was a fun atmosphere in the town coinciding with the usual bustle of the Saturday market. Here are the children setting off in Grand Rue accompanied by Centurion football players. Meanwhile over at […]

Running for mayor and running round Nyon


Two events are coming up in Nyon this weekend. The first is the local elections when the citizens of Nyon vote on Sunday (along with other issues) for their new mayor. This is the culmination of months of campaigning by all three candidates including a public debate last week. Bernadette Nelissen was at the debate […]

Just when you thought the Nyon political race was over, another one has begun


If last month’s local elections didn’t provide enough excitement for you, Nyon is giving you that extra frisson over the next two months as the position of mayor is now up for grabs. Who has the best overall view of the town? It’s an interesting situation right now as Bernadette explains: “At the moment two […]

The candidates debate the issues and campaign in the rain


So why should we vote for you ? The question, directed at all three political candidates of the “Grand Debat” (Big Debate) in Nyon came almost at the end of the Wednesday night event, but arguably produced the most interesting answers. Bernadette Nelissen who is commenting on current political events for this site, was present […]