Books by local English authors – Christmas present suggestions

If you are still looking for Christmas present ideas, why not give a book  written by an English author that lives locally here in Switzerland?

Murder in Paris


Greatest photos etc


















We have chosen a selection of eight books covering a variety of genres and to suit all tastes. From a non-fiction book ” The Greatest Photography Tips  in the World” by Alistair Scott (an author who lives in Gland), to a young adult book, “Untethered” by Katie Hayoz.  Katie’s book was a finalist in the Mslexia  2013 novel competition.

Then there is a murder mystery novel “Murder in Paris” written by D-L Nelson who lives in Geneva, to a  fascinating biography , “The Banker’s Daughter” written by Caroline Thonger on Eva Steinthal, born in the last decade of the 19th century, the third of seven children of one of the richest Jewish men in Berlin.


Bankers Daughter



Crossing Quailandia





One year to a writing life









Front cover LALL












Crossing Qalandiya”  is an extraordinary true story written by Daniela Norris and Shireen Anabtawi about two women who meet at a party in Geneva – both are mothers, both a similar age. But one is Israeli, the other Palestinian. So divided by fear and hatred are their two countries, they realise they will never be able to visit one another at home, despite living less than 100km apart. So, they begin to exchange letters.  See below to find out what happens next and read more about this book.

“Rapeseed” is a multicultural novel about a  synesthetic expatriate called, Carolann Cooper. She sees her letters and numbers and her turbulent memories in colour, accompanied by blended senses of smell, music, and texture.  This book is by American Nancy Freund who lives in Lausanne.

All the above authors are members of the Geneva Writers’ Group.  The group meets monthly, from September to June at the Geneva Press Club, with a programme of writing workshops, critiquing sessions, and master classes. Membership is open to all who wish to develop their creative writing skills. encouragement and support are given to both beginning and published writers.

The founder of the group, Susan Tiberghien has published several books and we have chosen one of these,  the excellent “One year to a Writing Life”  as a suggested Christmas present, an ideal gift if you know of anyone who is interested in writing fiction or non-fiction.

And finally, don’t forget  Living in Nyon’s own book “Living along Lac Léman“. This book is a light hearted look at living along lake Geneva, it’s a selection of columns that have been published in English in La Côte newspaper. From “Fondue Fuddle” to learning French, to observations on  Swiss street names it will help you to get to know a bit more about the customs and culture living in this part of Switzerland.  The book can be ordered online through this site or can be purchased in Payot Nyon, other local retails outlets and new ! it is now available in Munchkins café in Founex.

Book 1 – “Untethered” by Katie Hayoz  -a book for young adults


“Untethered” by Katie Hayoz –   Katie is American and lives in Geneva. Katie says,  “The age range for this book is 13+ but adults can appreciate it too!”   See more of Katie’s writing on her own website, you can order her book on Amazon here. Here is her author page on Amazon.Finalist in the Mslexia novel competition,  “Untethered”  explores the intoxicating and dangerous world of jealousy and obsession when coupled with paranormal ability. It is a touching, sometimes funny, sometimes heart-breaking novel that speaks to the self-doubt lurking in us all.

Synopsis – Sylvie has been best friends with Cassie forever. But everything is turned around when the boy Sylvie’s loved since fifth grade falls for Cassie. Devastated, Sylvie intends to get Kevin by any means possible, even if it involves treachery, deceit, and the dark side of astral projection. She is positive her plans will give her what she wants, but she doesn’t count on it all spiraling out of control.

Book 2 “Rapeseed” by Nancy Freund



“Rapeseed” by author Nancy Freund  – Nancy is  American and she lives near Lausanne. Read reviews of Rapeseed here on Goodreads.  The book can be ordered through  “Off theShelf English Book Shop” in Geneva and is also available on Amazon.

Synopsis – “Rapeseed” is a many-coloured, multicultural novel about a synesthetic expatriate, Carolann Cooper. She sees her letters and numbers and her turbulent memories in colour, accompanied by blended senses of smell, music, and texture. When her family moves from small town Kansas to London, the upheaval cracks open her colourful history and exposes secrets she has kept with her husband — and from him too. At the same time, her teenage son Chip is tempted by risky new freedoms. Carolann has to urgently find out who she really is, to reconcile her past with her fragile family’s future. “Rapeseed” is a sensitive coming-of-age novel about a teenage boy, a remarkable adult coming-of-age novel about Carolann, and a family’s coming-of-age novel… because families evolve and come of age too.

Book 3  “The Banker’s Daughter” by Caroline Thonger  – Synopsis of the book, see image below. Caroline lives in the pretty village of Grimentz in the Valais.  For a copy of the book  email her at  –  20  CHF including all postage+packing.

Bankers Daughter

Bankers daughter back

 Book  4  – “Murder in Paris” by D-L Nelson.   D-L is American and spends her time between Geneva and Argelès sur Mer in the South of France. This book  is part of the “five star” mystery series. You can see more D-L’s writing and other novels on her own website here  Her books are available on Amazon

Murder in Paris

Synopsis – Murder in Paris  – Tech writer Annie Young breaks her engagement when her fiancé forbids her to take an assignment documenting a Paris dig at the site of a thirteenth century inn supervised by her old lover archaeologist Luca Martinelli. Amelie, (another dig volunteer) is found shot on the site. Luca, Amelie’s lover is in the process of a divorce and is a prime suspect.

Book 5 “Crossing Qalandiya” by Daniela Norris and Shireen Anabtawi  

Crossing Quailandia

 “Crossing Qalandia” by Daniela Norris and Shireen Anabtawi. 

The co- author of this book Daniela Norris. You can find out more about Daniela, her other work and writing on her own website here 

Synopsis  -Two women meet at a party in Geneva – both mothers, both a similar age. But one is Israeli, the other Palestinian. So divided by fear and hatred are their two countries, they realise they will never be able to visit one another at home, despite living less than 100km apart. So, they begin to exchange letters. As their friendship grows they discuss not only their families, childcare and recipes, but also the wars and ethnic tensions that have shaped their lives. Their exchange is fraught with challenge, but also a sincere desire on each side to understand the thinking and grievances of the other. This is a moving and illuminating exchange of ideas at once accessible and profound, personal and political – and a beacon of hope in the wilderness of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Book 6  “One year to a Writing  Life” by Susan Tiberghien

One year to a writing life

This book is “An innovative portable workshop to give readers a solid foundation for their writing careers and to lead them to a writing life”. See Susan’s website here  The book is available here or via Off theShelf English book shop in Geneva.


Book 7 ” The Greatest Photography Tips  in the world” by Alistair Scott 

Greatest photos etc

Content –  This fully-illustrated, 200-page hardback book is the perfect guide to using your camera more effectively. Though written with a humorous tone, it gives serious guidance on everything from buying your equipment, through using the camera’s exposure controls, to techniques for portrait, landscape and family photography. There is even a chapter on earning cash from your camera. You can buy personalised, signed copies from the author’s website here.

Book 8 Finally, don’t forget the “Living along Lac Léman”  book. Living in Nyon’s own book. Read more about the book and order it here

Front cover LALL

Just 29 CHF a copy.  Free delivery within the Nyon, Prangins, Rolle, and Coppet region  For other areas – Postage per book – Courier B CHF – CHF 1.80 Courier A CHF 2.00  or pick up a copy in  local retail outlets more details here

Expat fair on Sunday 3rd November. Information, Presentations, English Book Exchange and more!

LemanExpatFair  2103

Whether you are new to Switzerland, or have been here for a while, it’s well worth visiting  the Léman Expat Fair. There is always lots of useful information for the international community at this fair which will take place from 11:00 -17:00 on Sunday 3rd November in the Beaulieu in Lausanne

This fair is now in its seventh year and gets bigger and better each year. Living in Nyon will be there with our own stand (booth 54) so come and say hello! It’s also a good opportunity to purchase a copy of the book Living along Lac Léman (while stocks last!)

Book group and LIN stand A cropped


Entry is free to the Léman Fair but if you register in advance,  you can enter a draw to win a range of prizes ranging from a voucher for one night and two dinner and breakfasts at the lovely Hôtel Palafitte on the water in Neuchatel, CFF vouchers, entrances to spas and more.  You can register here for the draw

Flyer LEF


English Book Exchange

There is also an English book exchange too at the fair. Bring your used books and CDs  and OFFER them to other expats!  Full details here

Lots of exhibitors

Take a look at all the exhibitors at this fair from A-Z here


Leman Expat fair 2

Workshops and Presentations

There are will be a range of presentations and workshops at the fair including a short presentation by Diccon Bewes on his book “Slow Train to Switzerland” – reminder Diccon will also be coming to Nyon on the 25th November for a fun evening event plus apéro see here.

One of the presentations at the Léman Expat Fair at 13:30 -14:00 will be on

“What steps are needed to start your own business?” by Julien Guex – Chamber of Commerce Vaud

This presentation  will give an overview of what one needs to know before setting up their own business in Vaud. Our speakers of the day, from the CVCI (Chamber of Commerce of the Canton of Vaud ), will cover the technical and legal aspects involved when setting up one’s own business. Information will also be provided about the different existing organizations specifically dedicated to supporting emerging businesses and start-ups in the region.

There will be another presentation from 15:00 – 16:00  on the “Canton of  Vaud School Education System”,  followed by CVCI with a presentation on apprenticeships in Vaud.

See you there at the fair! –  Directions on how to get there by public transport and bus here




Big Expat fair in Lausanne on Sunday 4th Nov. French/ English conversation exchange wanted

In just over a week’s time it’s the Léman Expat Fair! This event will take place in Lausanne from 11:00-17:00 on Sunday 4th November. This fair, now in its 6th year is where expats and members of the public can go to find around 140 business, services, clubs and groups all under one roof.  All of these have experience in serving the English-speaking community.  Living in Nyon will be present at the fair at Booth Number 100, so do come and say “Hello!”

It’s a good opportunity to ask questions about living in the Nyon area, but also to buy the “Living along Lac Léman” book. This book is a collection of columns that have been published in La Côte newspaper (in English), together with other articles and photographs, it’s a light hearted look at living in the lake Geneva area. It makes for the perfect gift, Christmas present and is useful to have if you have just arrived here and want to know more about the customs and traditions of living in the Romandie part of Switzerland.

Read a review of the book here by Diccon Bewes, author of Swiss Watching ( Best book of 2010 – Financial Times)

Come and have a copied signed by the book’s author (also the Living in Nyon editor).  Note: the editor will not be at the stand until approximately 13:30 on Sunday 4th, but there will be a representative of Living in Nyon  to sell books and answer questions from 11:00 onwards.

According to the organisers of the fair, no matter what your current level of integration is, “whether you’re here for a lifetime or just passing through, you’re bound to find something new!”

Check out all the exhibitors that will be at the fair here. There will also be  light snacks and lunches available all day at the coffee corner and restaurant. There will be sand art and face painting for children and opportunities to speak to experts  on hand during the day to help you with your expat questions.  There will be an “Art Corner” to view paintings, photographs, sculpture, etc, and to find art courses! There will also be “career enhancement” advisers  present.  Want to know more about job hunting in Switzerland? Listen to this (recently broadcast) radio programme about the mistakes expats make when job hunting in this country.

At the fair there will be performances from the theatre group the “Village Players”.  Listen to an interview with them here on World Radio Switzerland recorded at the beginning of this year.

So there’s a lot going on at the Léman Expat Fair.  There are prizes to be won too such as  a night’s stay in Gstaad, a dinner voucher for 200chf,  wine tasting for 10 people,  and 500 chf worth of travel on CFF!  See you there!

For  full information on the fair, location, parking directions etc, see the website here. 

French/ English conversation exhange

A living in Nyon reader has contacted the site to see if there is a reader who would like to exchange his French conversation with English conversation with another reader.

For further information contact  Régis-email

Curling up with a good book and warming up with a fondue


Photo above: the temperature in Nyon on Thurday morning.

Do the freezing conditions in the Nyon area right now make you want to simply stay inside and curl up with a good book?  If so, there are various local places where you can find English books both in local shops and in libraries.

Nyon library has a small selection of English books on the top floor of its building and it also has selection of  music with both rock pop and classical  CDs to rent. These are to be found in the reading room on the ground floor where there are also a good variety of journals, newspapers and other publications that can be read on the premises.  Nyon library is in a lovely old building directly opposite the Place Perdtemps car park and it is open on Saturdays mornings.   However this Saturday the 4th February it is “Le Samedi des bibliothèques Vaudoises” with events going on throughout the day.  See previous post here about the library.  The village of Crans près Céligny also has an English section in its library for its readers, see previous post on this library here. 

If you prefer to to buy your books, then Payot in la Combe shopping centre in Nyon has a good selection of English fiction and non fiction books. The “Reading Duck” in Grand Rue in Nyon also stocks a small collection of English childrens’ books and a large selection in French. Both shops stock the Living along Lac Léman book too!

A Site for Fondue Lovers which lists some of the Best places for a Fondue in the area

If you are on the hunt for a good fondue, did you know that the Fondue of the Month Club has a website that highlights “the best (and some of the less than best) fondues that are available in Geneva and the Canton of Vaud”?

The site says  “We don’t pretend to be gastronomic experts but we do know what we like. Browse through the more than 10 years of reviews and you’ll see we have plenty of experience to share”.  There is a detailed chart on their site of many fondue venues. The chat  rates each place for ambiance, and for the fondue, flavour, texture, digestibility!  

There is even a blog post  from last July of  “Worst Fondues” and “Top Fondues”. It makes fascinating reading and is a real gem of a resource. If you also know of a good fondue spot that is not on their list, the club invites you to help them out by adding your own comments and taste test results. 


Livin in Nyon at Sat Market cancelled

Due to a poor weather forecast, please note there will be no Living in Nyon  stall at the Nyon Saturday market on the 3rd December. If you would like to purchase a copy of Living  along Lac Léman  see here for all retail outlets.